Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thirty-Five Weeks.

35 weeks
My team of doctors superheroes told me they would gladly take the baby out as early as 36 weeks. But, obviously it's better for the baby to cook longer. And I would have to undergo an amnio if I opted for earlier than 38 weeks.

These men have been working with pregnant women for like eightybajillion (combined, of course) years. DON'T THEY KNOW YOU NEVER TELL A PREGNANT WOMEN SHE CAN HAVE THE BABY EARLY UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY MEAN IT. Which, they obviously DON'T, since my c-section is scheduled for November 10th, NOT October 27th. Which in theory is good! Great! Baby cooks longer! Grows more! Is so healthy and perfect!

Except. EXCEPT. I just keep looking at the calendar thinking... 'huh, I *could* be done with all this nonsense in five days.' DONE. (Okay, okay, not really done. I am completely cognizant that a newborn brings with it a whole mess of new! challenges! But seriously, LALALAICANTHEARYOUBECAUSEICOULDBEDONEINFIVEDAYSLALALA).


You guys. I am so conflicted. And uncomfortable.

Mostly uncomfortable.

p.s. Different bathroom. Pretty much same level of grossness.


Watch me grow: twenty-two week belly, twenty-seven week belly, thirty-three week belly, thirty-four week belly.

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Erica Mueller said...

haha. I totally get this. While I wanted to do everything natural (and I did) my Dr actually checked me about wk 36 and said I'd probably have the baby by that weekend... ya know, within 2 days. I was sooooo excited because like you, I was tired of it, ready for it to all be over. Every check after that I nearly cried because I wasn't dialated any further. Never mind that full term babies are generally healthier, I wanted that baby to come now! At 41 weeks he did come, happy, healthy and perfect. The birth was amazing, labor short. I couldn't have asked for anything better. But Oh. My. Word. I was HUGE and the weeks leading up to it? MISERABLE!

Hold on girlie, it'll be over soon!

Julie/@justprecious said...

no level of grossness! So exciting and beautiful! I know you don't want to hear it because I know the pain and the yuckiness and the ouches and all that. But enjoy it... really. Baby will bake and bake and then...

Best wishes, hang in there...

Tabitha Blue @ Fresh Mommy Blog said...

I don't think I was ever ready for my babies to come out... Except for maybe when my littlest was two weeks late! But the uncomfortable thing? Ugh, so sorry babe! Hope it goes super smooth!! And congratulations!!!! It's really so exciting! You look great :) And oh yeah... I'm in Clearwater now!


Heather said...

Cute bump...and I'm guessing I didn't notice the "grossness" because it looks just like our bathroom.

I agree...definitely do not tell a pregnant woman, who is in the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, that she could have the baby sooner, rather than later. There are enough crazy hormones and emotions running around, no need to add fuel to the fire with that tidbit.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

HA!!!!!! Welcome to the last month of my pregnancy. REALLY I wanted Gavin in longer and it's good that they managed to keep him from 32-35 weeks but THREE TIMES, they told us they'd be inducing because things looked that bad then they held out. Again, GOOD but holy CRAP it was freaking confusing! I can definitely hear ya on the uncomfortable bit and I know the feeling od just wanting everything to be "over" even though holy crap woman you'll have FOUR KIDS! Ha! You'll never sleep again! AAAAH! And all of those other annoying cliche things that people say when they talk to you. :O) Any who, you look lovely and wonderful and just so adorable I want to pinch your cheekies. Hang in there, hon.

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