Monday, April 18, 2011

Life, Death, Marriage, Incest and Sister-Wives. I Don't Even Need a Television.

Alligator Park

[Scene: In the car, running errands]

Casey: Hey, Mom?

Me: Yes, Casey?

Casey: Grandma Bonnie died, Mom?

Me: Yes, Casey.

Casey: So, I don't have four grandmas now?

Me: Yes, Casey.

Casey: So, I just have three grandmas now?

Me: Yes, Casey.

Casey: Hey, Mom.

Me: Yes, Casey?

Casey: That's math.

Alligator Park

[Scene: Lounging on the couch watching 'Say Yes to the Dress']

Jonathan: Hey Mom, when I get old like you I will get married.

Me: That sounds nice, who will you marry?

Jonathan: You.

Me: What about Daddy?

Jonathan: We can be married together. He will share.

Me: Okay, well, you'll have to talk to Daddy about this.

Jonathan: Oh, and Aunt Jessi too. We will all be married together.


SeekerofGrace said...

hahahahaha!!! Out of the mouths of baaaaabes... lmao

Unknown said...

Your boys are adorable. Nick used to ask me to go to college with him so he wouldn't get lost and I could cook for him. Now he is 13, and he has changed his tune.

Tracey said...

Casey is already homeschooling! Go math!

Jessica said...

cute the one of j!

Casey said...

Their eyes are brown now!?!? I've missed so much, Casey looks so old!

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