Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthdays are a Pretty Big Thing Around Here.

Birthday Breakfast
I tried to keep with our birthday tradition of blowing out candles at each meal, but lunch was a little bit whirlwind, so we only made it for breakfast and dinner. No worries, though, we had an extra candle at the Dinosaur World party on Tuesday, so all is well with the universe. Plus, we pulled out the slip and slide in the afternoon. And that was way cooler than a candle.
Slip and Slide with Brodie
Jonathan's Birthday Dinner


Casey said...

that second picture had me laughing out loud for a few minutes! wish i made it up, maybe next weekend :(

Unknown said...

Naked slip and slide....could anything be better? I've been wondering what you and your hubby do when you get all those boys to sleep? ha ha!

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