Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Three Little Musketeers.

Cranky Stephen
This is Stephen. He's my clingy baby. Wants Mommy always. It's okay with me. Well, most of the time. A while back I showed you his first steps. So logic would say he's running by now, right? Not so much. It's not because he's lazy. (Although, sometimes he's lazy). But not in this case. In this case, the alternative is just so much faster.


In the Playroom
This is Jonathan. He talks. A lot. Like pretty much all the time. My sister teases me because I don't even notice it sometimes. But I adore when he talks. It's lovely background music. Jonathan, you can talk to me to the end of the day and back. Oh, and he also defies gravity.
Playing in the Yard


In the Playroom
This is Casey. He's a broody little monster. Whines like a champ and loves pink nail polish. But, look at that face. Can't you just tell he's also precious? Knows just when to clean up his act and turn on the charm. He's very strong, too.
In the Kitchen Again



Casey said...

This new camera is dynamite ;-)

Meredith R. said...

Look at him go. He's like an amazing Monkey Man!

The Turkstra's said...

Your boys are just the cutest little things! I love it!

SeekerofGrace said...

Love it! I have a cling-on baby, too! :p hehe... I can't believe they are growing up so fast.

Don said...

I love the pics, but you needed to include one of Stephen in a better mood because 99% of the time he is the happiest child I have ever known. That may be skewed by the fact that we give in to his cuteness and carry him around frequently.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Haha yay! I love this. I want three more wonderful little boys. I do.

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