Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday Casey, and Thanks for Making Me a Mommy.

Happy Birthday, Casey
Happy Birthday, Casey

Casey loves the Happy Birthday Song and blowing out candles, so of course we did it for each meal today! Doesn't it seem like he just turned three? The shifty eyes while we sing are directed at his brother (JJ) who is a stealth candle blower outer.

Along with the birthday song, he loves (adores) dinosaurs, trains, fishing, hunting for frogs, m&m's (emidems), his family and babies. He wants two more brothers and one sister.

When he grows up he wants to be a daddy and have five babies of his own, some girls and some boys. He would splash in the pool all day if we let him, only taking breaks to play on the computer or Mommy's ipod.

His favorite outing is the zoo where we can look for alligators, snakes and bugs. He's precocious and bossy. Whiny and demanding. Sweet and perfect. He has an uncanny sense of direction, a steel trap memory, and usually knows we're lost well before I do.


Cathy K said...

Your comments regarding Casey and his aspirations are too precious. Your children will be so blessed to look back at this blog and mark their special moments. What a gift! :)

anymommy said...

This has got to stop. I'm crying. Our children can not grow up. XO. Happy birthday to your sweet boy.

Erin said...

"Its gonna light your dinosaur on fire......" good adlib wes.

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