Friday, October 22, 2010

Ten Going Ons... Divided By Two.

1. One of hubbies animations made it onto a billboard! Actually, several billboards. This one is a funky electronic thing, so it doesn't come out well on film. Bwahahaha. I said 'film'. Well, you know what I meant, but if my kids look back and read this post, I suspect they'll be scratching their heads.
Wesley's Billboard
If you want to take a peek at the actual animation, it's here. It runs on television in central Florida, so if you're local you may have already seen it. (we have nothing to do with the company, please don't construe this as a promotion). The project was a fun change for Wesley, since he mostly does technically driven accident recreations and architectural/structural renderings for trial. (okay, that one was a shameless plug.)

2. My costume desensitization plan is working brilliantly.
There's a Lion in the House
My laundry folding plan has hit some roadblocks.

3. I took the three boys and my friends' twins to Animal Kingdom. All. By. My. Self. (okay, their parents met me out there in the afternoon... but the whole morning was totally me.)
Animal Kingdom
Kind of makes my anxiety about the zoo seem a little bit silly, huh? Would you believe tourists stopped us and asked to take pictures? I guess a single gal pushing a teaming quad stroller isn't a common occurrence for most people.

4. I gave my kids a bath. They smelled really bad and were starting to itch, so I figured it was about time.
Bath Time!

5. I attended a Wendy's event. I wouldn't mention it, except I love this picture of Angie and me and now I have an excuse to post it here for you to fawn over.
Angie and me at the Wendy's Event.  We're Hawt.
Please note, despite what I wrote in point number three about being a single gal, and despite the fact that my hubby may or may not at some point this year be ditching me for THREE (3!) days to go on a special boys' adventure, I am in fact happily married. So is Angie. Feel free to gaze longingly at the picture, though.


Erin said...

awesome for wes!

Tracie Nall said...

Very awesome about the animation. I have seen that commercial before.

Costume desensitization-genius!

We didn't get to talk much on Thursday, but it was nice to meet you! =) That picture of you and Angie is super cute.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

we are totally cute.

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