Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brusha Brusha Brusha!

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First Trip to the Dentist
So, the older boys had their first trip to the dentist yesterday. Now, don't go thinking we're amazing parents or anything ridiculous. We only took them because Jonathan had a suspicious sumthingorother going on with his tooth. (And we finally have dental insurance.) Had those two stars not collided I would have blissfully ignored my kids dental health for several more years.

To say I was nervous about the appointments would be an epic understatement. Amazingly (AMAZINGLY) they were angels. It doesn't hurt, though, that the dentist and his staff were (clearly) voo-doo snake-charmers.

Seriously. No one cried. NO ONE. Not even a whine or a whimper.

And, *Major Bonus*? Nothing wrong with Jonathan's tooth.

First Trip to the Dentist
First Trip to the Dentist
First Trip to the Dentist
First Trip to the Dentist
If you're in the central Florida area and your kiddos need a dentist, check out Dr. King at Dentistry for Children. He and his staff were really and truly fantastic. Snake charmers, indeed. But, don't worry, I paid for it the rest of the day.


katherinemary said...

I'm sincerely jealous. Cari's first trip to the dentist was like hell on wheels going down a mountainside. I wasn't even able to take pictures. Add to the fact that Chad has severe separation anxiety so he screamed at full volume right along with his sister. My clothes were soaked with sweat as if I had stood in the rain for 48 hours. I think I would have rather stood in the rain that long than go through that torture again. That is just one more reason that the dentist is my LEAST favorite person of all time. Know a dentist? I hate 'em. ;)

Casey said...

So darn cute! And there clothes match the walls ;-)

The Turkstra's said...

Love it! The dentist is one of Hunter's favorite places. Ha wait until he has a cavity and then he will feel my pain!

anymommy said...

Yeah, I just love that we used the same title. Awesome. My kids LOVE the dentist.

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