Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Didn't Think I Was Done Talking About My Birthday, Did You?

Seriously, birthdays are an EVENT around here. For me, three days. Once upon a time it was more like a week, but now a measly three days. Hah! Okay, I'm happy with three days. (Thrilled, even!). So, let's recap. Day #1 Ikea for my superdeefantasticlyawesome new kitchen table; Day #2 EPCOT with the kiddos for food, beer & fireworks; and now Day #3 (my *actual* birthday) ...
Stephen's First Birthday Donut
We started off with our traditional birthday donuts because, DUH.
Playing in the Pool on Mommy's Birthday
Escaped from the heat with a splash in the pool.
Happy Birthday to Me
And rounded out the evening with a (rainy and wet) barbecue dinner.
Because, really, it's not a birthday in our home until something is burned on the grill.
Happy Birthday to Me
Jessi brought over a beautifully decorated and equally yummy cake.

We sang. And ate.
Happy Birthday to Me
Wesley, after heroically saving the a/c system right in the middle of dinner,
begrudgingly sat while I practiced with the self timer.
Because we all know, I'm really *not* great at it.
Happy Birthday to Me
And amazingly I managed to get everyone in the shot.
Most of us even facing forward. Except Izzie,
who in true form gave us the business end.


Casey said...

Best blog week ever, you should have birthdays all the time!

Casey said...

Also, Brody looks like Orson Welles in his later years:,+Orson+Welles+is-paris-burning-26-10-1966-86-g.jpg

Unknown said...

I love your family pictures! I love what you capture. I feel the real true essence of a family when I come here to visit April! And that makes me so happy! It is beautiful!

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