Monday, August 30, 2010

Would You Believe I Didn't Take a Single Picture of My Kids This Week???

SheBlogs Party
But I did go to the SheBlogs Birthday Bash with my sister.
Where I sported my sparkliest of shoes.
SheBlogs Party
Drank a (very) dirty martini.
Nommy Cupcakes at SheBlogs
And ate some yummy cupcakes.
My Parents' Family Room
The party was in South Florida, so we stayed with my parents. This is their living room. You can tell the kids were with me because I don't watch Penguins on my own time. And the Tigger.
My Parents' Family Room
Here's a closeup of my mom's giant toucan wall rug.
Because I could tell you were straining to see it.
Yes He DID Paint the Party Floor GREEN
Next week is Sally's wedding. She's getting married in my parents' backyard.
My dad had the brilliant idea to paint the party floor green. Thankfully, she's okay with it.
Oh, and we saw this.


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

LOVE the photos!!


Unknown said...

you both are BEAUTIFUL! what the helk is that last photo lol?

SeekerofGrace said...

I was all "Oh, what a great week / nice blog post" until that last photo... WTF?

diane woods said...

did you buy one for hubs?? amazing how much sally looks like you in the cupcake picture. i knew it was her by the dress!

Alli Worthington said...


Kali said...

Is that Jim, from The Office wearing that girdle?!

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