Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reason Number Eighty Bajillion That Daddy Is SO Much Cooler Than Mommmy.

"Mommy, let's go play the ball game!"

"Sorry, the arcade is closed down. No more skee ball."

[...ten minutes later.]

"Daddy, let's go play the ball game!"

"Sure kiddo, let me grab some cardboard from the garage!"

Skee Ball!
Skee Ball!
Skee Ball!


-T- said...

That's awesome!!

Casey said...

So clever ;)

Robin @ Blommi said...

Cool idea. My DH is known as the top tickler, while I am the one who always gets run over to when she is whining or crabby.

Anonymous said...

Shawn's more fun than me too. I am just not a creative person or a kid person. HA HA!


anymommy said...

That's definitely awesome. Way to go daddy!

Lani said...

that is pretty creative:)

The Bauer Family of 4 said...

So very cool!!! Daddy sure is creative!! I may have to remember this for the future!!!

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