Saturday, August 21, 2010

... and we're back

Sleeping Comfortably?
Stephen's still sleeping like a weirdo.
Dessert at Carrabba's Event
Elaine and I went to an awesome event at Carrabba's.
At Grandma Mimi's
We spent a day in Gainesville with Grandma Mimi & Uncle Jeremy.
Making Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
We made cookies.
Making Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
Stephen watched.
Making Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
But don't worry, I had lots of help.
Spaghetti-O's Baby
Stephen discovered the joy of spaghetti-O's.
Soda Tab FAIL
I got all Mommy MacGyver on a soda can.
At The Park
We discovered a new park.
At The Park
It was shady.
At The Park
And ducky.
At The Park
But still awfully hot.
Pinkberry Grand Opening
I cooled off with some Pinkberry.
Cake Box Biscotti
And now I'm enjoying my biscotti.

(did you miss me?)


Erin said...

At first glance the biscotti looks like something else.......although I am sure it didn't taste like something else.

Ms. Anita said...

Yes, I missed you... because I was missing me, too! -- LOL! (you'd have to see my latest blog entry.)

Casey said...

Yay!!!! Great pics as always. "And ducky" takes the cake tho, lol =D

Tabitha Blue said...

All I can say is... OMG I LOVE PINKBERRY!!!! And we don't have one around here. Please send some, stat! In a portable freezer of course. ;)


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