Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Brother Would Call This Post 'Epic' - What That Really Means is 'Forever Long' Because I Haven't Done a Proper Blog Post in Ages.

Butterfly World
Butterfly World with Grandpa.
Playing in the Rain
Dancing in the rain with Aunt Sally.
Playing in the Rain
Clothing optional.
Dinner at McDonald's
McDonald's. Again.
Dinner at McDonald's
Happy baby.
Dinner at McDonald's
Full belly.
Sally & Stephen
Sweet auntie kisses.
Playing on the iPad
Visiting with Uncle Joe
(Re)meeting relatives.
Thomas at the Mall
Touring with Thomas.
Wrestling with Uncle Enrique
Hazing the new guy.
Playhdoh with Grandma
A play-doh break with Grandma.
Watching the Fountain at the Mall
The Mall. Again.
Sweet Sleeping J
(Voluntary) naps.
Visiting the Zoo With Aunt Sally
A little monkey at the zoo.
Visiting the Zoo With Aunt Sally
Several little monkeys at the zoo.
Visiting the Zoo With Aunt Sally
With Mama Monkey.
Look What I Can Do!
Learning new tricks.
Stephen Standing Up To Play!
And showing them off.

1 comment:

Casey said...

EPIC, because I can add these great pics to my screen saver and fall asleep to the cutest stuff in the world ;)

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