Monday, June 21, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Recapping Another Week Already. Oh Yeh, and Happy Monday to You.

Watching the Thunderstorm.
Watching the afternoon thunderstorms. With popcorn, of course.

The Train Track.
Trains, trains, trains. What did little boys do before toy trains?

Snakes on a Train.
Snakes on a train. (No, I didn't prompt him).

Stephen Sleeping
Naps. Now with more pillow!

Giving the toys a bath
Toys need bubble baths too.

Giving the toys a bath
(Especially Jonathan's toys)

Mirror at the Mall
A trip to the three way mirror. Can you imagine NINE boys?!

Duck, Mashed Potatoes, and more
Another amazing Saturday Night Supper.

The Kids Eating Dinner
With good friends. Very very good friends.


Crystal Rae said...

THat looks like a lot of fun. Watchin thunderstorms with popcorn. I should do that.

Erin said...

Ohhhh trains.

Rachel said...

Wow- these kids look like they have such a fun, colorful, fulfilling life. Love these pictures. Reminds me I should be taking more myself

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