Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flashback Friday. The Brother Edition. Since He's Pretty Much My Biggest Blog Fan and The Best Brother Ever.

April & Casey 2003
This is August of 2003 when my baby brother started college. He called me sounding stressed about his new digs so, being the spectacular sister I am, I raced up to Atlanta with my superhero cape. Okay, more like with my credit card and some hugs. (He didn't even have sheets for his bed!) We enjoyed Walmart, the Emory bookstore and some noodle bowls before I had to trek back. It was a great weekend and remains one of my best memories. Love you Casey!


Casey said...

Love You! I look kind of M.R. in this pic, but you look cute ;) Also, you bought me like $200 of food, and my friends and I ate all of it the next day. Good times, mwah! ...Nothing like being dropped into a new city for college with just your clothes, and a lifetime of not being allowed anywhere without parental supervision.

Unknown said...

That's some REAL sibling love right there. So sweet!

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