Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This One's All About The Little Guy.

Stephen's six month birthday was overlooked yesterday because Casey started preschool and that kind of overwhelmed me. I'm now recovered and would like to take a moment to reflect on where we are now that one hundred and eighty three days have passed since my favorite Tuesday of 2009.

I don't know how much he weighs, or how long he is because I haven't made the six month check-up appointment yet (stop judging me), but I DO know he is:

- rolling over (and over and over)
- laughing at his brothers
- gorgeous
- completely engaging
- a big fan of baby food (especially applesauce)
- so incredibly ticklish
- not quite sitting up on his own
- a one tooth wonder (bottom middle!)
- scooting on his tummy, but not quite getting anywhere
- finally okay with facing out in the baby carrier
- sitting in a shopping cart
- no longer riding in the infant carrier
- loving the jumperoo
- still a nursing fiend
- refusing to sleep through the night
- loving to be held all. the. time.
- a cuddly bug
- perfect

stephen in the shopping cart at target


mom2nji said...

He is too adorable! Happy half Birthday.

SeekerofGrace said...

Love the cuteness! With your cute baby success rate so far, I'd say you could mass market... ;o) Happy half birthday!

Unknown said...

Sounds like he's right on track. My Katie was 6 months on the 1st and doing pretty much all the same. So, can we arrange an internet marriage for like 25 years from now? ;-) He's such a cutie...

Heather said...

He is BEAUTIFUL! (can you call a boy beautiful?) either case he just is.

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