Monday, April 5, 2010

It Only Took Me Four Tries to Set the Self Timer Correctly.

Easter Sunday with Erin's Family
We spent a lovely Sunday with our wonderful friends, Nick, Erin & Merrick.

I've been complaining a lot about time moving too quickly. It feels like someone bumped the fast forward button. I wish things would slow down a bit, life is kind of freaking me out. Too fast. Too fast!

It was great to have a leisurely afternoon with friends, though.

Remember how I said Casey peed in the potty? Well he did it again! This time in a public restroom. Woot! At this rate he will totally be potty trained by kindergarten. Totally.

Also? He's taken to singing my screwed up version of "Home on the Range" over and over and over again.

Jonathan prefers "Twinkle, Twinkle" and will sit on the potty, but not actually go. Which is fine.

Stephen's not interested in the potty yet. But he has taken a serious liking to pears and applesauce. Mmmmm. Carrots are okay too, but green beans? No, thank you. He's also rolling over. But not sleeping.

I'd rather he was sleeping.


Erin said...


SeekerofGrace said...

Looks like fun! Alex has changed the settings on my camera and the video is set ON timer. It will only video for 1 minute then shut off. I need to look at the manual. Driving me crazy! And you totally get the "not sleeping" sympathy from me - Alex didn't STTN til 13 MONTHS. We tried Ferber CIO at 6 and 8 months and modified CIO. It never worked because on the rare nights my husband was home before midnight he would go in and pick him up out of his crib. It wasn't worth a divorce, so we waited until 13 months before I put my foot down. Now he goes down easily, sleeps all night, and takes 3 hour naps. I guess it was an ok trade off. I am NOT looking forward to being a mommy zombie in 6-7 weeks, though!

diane woods said...

love, love, love the photo!!!!!

mrs.notouching said...

Well the picture was worth the effort! And yes... I will take the sleeping almost over anything else... Good luck with all the potty training!

Ali said...

Oh yes, sleeping, very important! Great picture!

Unknown said...

Fourth try is the charm! Nice shot!

And thanks for the little update on those sweet boys. :)

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