Friday, April 9, 2010

Flash FORWARD Friday

Do you ever take a picture that gives you a glimpse of the future and what your kids will look like all grown up? I think I may have a magic camera, because I got two of those this week.

Making Silly Faces for the Camera

Making Silly Faces for the Camera
p.s. I'm giving away $40 in gift credits to my Etsy shop, a Swarovski ring and a laptop cooler!


Casey said...

So, Jonathan is going to look like Wes... and Casey is going to look like a someone who always wants something... oops, I mean you ;)

Erin said...

Casey, your bro, is right. J TOTALLY looks like Wes here.

Anonymous said...

little Casey is a miniature Wes..100%, JJ is a mix of Wes and ?

Casey said...

I just realized how "Lost" you are, by going from Flashback Friday to FlashForward... lol

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