Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tales of a Terrible Homemaker. The Library Edition.

If you visit here with any regularity you'll already know we get out a lot. I am terrible about the stay-at-home mom thing because I don't like to be at home. It's boring, and the dishes just stare at me. (clean me).

I don't do dishes.

Go ahead. Process it. My husband works, goes to school AND does the dishes (and most of the laundry). I live a blessed life. (love you Wesley).

So, we go out a lot.

Our rotation is seasonal. In the winter, while indoor locations are petri dishes and the weather is tolerable (sometimes even nice), we frequent local parks, the zoo and Disney World. During summer it's the (air conditioned) science center, (air conditioned) mall playground and (air conditioned) library.

When the kids (inevitably) ask to visit one of our off-season haunts, my canned response is "oh, sorry, it's closed!" This works well with most places because we don't pass them often.

Not so much with the library. We kind of pass it every day. Sometimes twice.

Casey is very suspicious about the state of the library. He points at cars in front. And the people coming and going. And his beloved dinosaurs silhouetted in the display window.

"The library is open, Mommy?"

"No, honey. Sorry"

"The people just looking at the library, Mommy?"

"Yes, honey. They're just looking at it."

My conscience got the better of me this weekend, though, so on Sunday we made a visit. The weather's still cool, but the baby is older and flu season is winding down. It was a great trip. We used our special whisper voices, played puzzles, talked (and talked and talked) about the dinosaur display, and each checked out a book.

This part was especially exciting since last year we never brought anything home. Jonathan had a brief meltdown when the librarian gave me a (very) hard time about not having my library card with me (umm, hello, why can't you just look me up on the computer?) but recovered quickly.

On the way home we talked at length about borrowing the books and coming back next week to trade them for something different. The anticipation was palpable and made me feel like a total ubermom. (mostly because I am).

But then we passed the library again yesterday.

"Mom! The Library!!! The library's OPEN now!"

"No, sweetie. Sorry. The library is only open on Sundays."
Visiting the Library


Anonymous said...

I love Casey's expression. dad

fidget said...

hahaha i do the same thing

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I do that too. I feel so bad. Sometimes we go to Mcdonalds and the kids will want to go inside and I will tell them that they are cleaning the play area. One day Redick finally asked what they were cleaning and I told him a kid pooped in the play area and he was so grossed out he didn't even want to go in. LOL

SeekerofGrace said...

OMG... "it's closed!" - GREAT IDEA!! The only place Alex ever throws a fit about going is the park... lol.

Casey said...

Ahh, it's nice to see you back in story mode; very very cute, bad mommy ;) Actually, it reminds me of going to the library as a kid, I can't believe that was actually fun!

Erin said...

We just got our first library card, and our first set of books are 2 weeks late.

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