Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The One Where I Ramble...

I'm sputtering to a start in the new year, so please forgive me if this post is fragmented and difficult to follow. I'm also suffering from a bit of cabin fever. You must be wondering how that's possible, considering we live in Florida. I know. (I KNOW.) But we're in the midst of a cold snap (don't laugh!) and my kids are HATING the weather. The patio, which is usually the saving grace of my sanity, mocks me (MOCKS ME!), because the boys refuse to go outside. How cold is it?

This cold:

It's Cold in Florida

Which is apparently the frozen tundra for my frail babies.

On another note (See? Fragmented.), Christmas was great. That is, if you enjoy a lot of noisy people and screaming children in one house for an extended period of time. Which I totally do. Hubs? Not so much.

We all dressed up in matching jammies (as is the tradition).

Christmas Day 2009

The Family!

My drunk mom laughed so hard she cried.


Rockband Beatles dominated the Wii.

Rock Band at the 'rents

And there were so many presents.

My Favorite Picture of Christmas Morning



Also? (Aha! Another terrible segue.) The quad stroller is awesome. Not only did it babysit my kids while I was hungover enjoying my coffee the morning after Christmas, but it proved a big hit at Costco.

Rocking the Quad Stroller at Costco


fidget said...

the matching jammies thing is redunkquloslee cute

Unknown said...

I am so tired of cold temps, and yes we FL people think this is cold!! My puppy doesn't like it either.
Love the matching PJ's picture, I remember it from last year........dang look how long I've been stalking you!

SeekerofGrace said...

Your boys haven't even heard of COLD, hehe... it's going to be -2 (yes, TWO!) here tomorrow night... And yes, that's in Fahrenheit... yikes! And my baby hates it too... he thinks the snow is his bitter enemy. Love the matching jammies, btw!

Ali said...

My brother lives in FL and has been complaining about the cold there, and I'm not even sure he owns a winter coat! Love the 'boys in a bag' present!

Jen said...

I LOVE the matching jammies. That is just so cool that you guys to that.

And really, you think that is cold. Sweetie, you and your boys have no idea.

~Your bloggy friend from the north.


Steph said...

OMG I love the matching PJs! And I don't want to hear about it being cold. It's freezing here up north!

The Turkstra's said...

Hehe I still think florida would be a vacation compared to here! My neighbor just built a snowman that goes up past his roof. When you can do that you know its cold and nasty!

Unknown said...

You were right. The matching jammies are totally awesome!

I'm loving the look on your husband's face in the picture taken at Costco!!! hee hee!

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