Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Stroller Can Totally Kick Your Stroller's Butt.

quad stroller,stroller for four
Yes, I really did get this. Ok, not yet, but it's ordered. No, I'm not crazy. (okay, maybe a *little bit* crazy). Hear me out, though...

I was on a quest for the perfect triple stroller. What I really wanted was a side-by-side-by-side triple umbrella stroller. The tandem strollers are just TOO big (like pushing a flipping train!) and my kids like to smack each other on the head in them. The triple jogging strollers, though, are too wide. Every review I read said people had to take the kids out and fold the stroller just to get through doors. Ummmm... that kind of defeats the purpose, right? I briefly flirted with the idea of a quad stroller, but thought that was probably overkill. So, it was decided... a triple umbrella stroller! Light, compact, and fits all three... perfect!

EXCEPT. The only company that makes triple umbrella strollers? In England. The cost to purchase and ship the stroller to sunny central Florida? FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. Ummm. Eff that jazz.

I am totally willing to pay an ungodly amount for a stroller, don't get me wrong. But not a cheap-o umbrella stroller. Can't do it. So, I resigned myself to wearing the baby and pushing the double stroller. ((sob)).

BUT THEN... on Monday, at the mall with Hubs and the kids, I was pushing the baby's stroller and Wes pushed the double. We were chugging along when we passed a couple pushing (what I thought was) another double stroller. The gal looked at me, smiled, and said "YOU need one of THESE!", pointing to her stroller. I smiled back (a little confused) and said "Oh, I already have one", pointing to our double. To which she replied, "No! Look! It seats FOUR!"

SQUEEEEEE! She was pushing the quad stroller I saw online?! AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! She totally let me drool over it for a few minutes and told me that, while it was on the heavy side, she really loved it because it fit all the kids comfortably AND it fit through doorways! WOOT! In person it really isn't much bigger than a double stroller. It's very close in size to my old giant Graco DuoRider.

But wait... it gets better. When I saw the quad stroller online last week it was $400 plus shipping. Ouch. But I figure, it's the holiday season, so I'll check again to see if there are any good promotions. Lo and behold... has it for $379! Sweet! So, I add it to my cart. And, what??? It qualifies for free shipping. Sweet! And, what??? It can get here before Christmas! SWEET! And WHAT?!?! There's an online coupon code for ten percent off your entire purchase! HOLY GOAT CHEESE THIS IS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!

So, when all was said and done, the stroller cost (my parents) $341.99.

Okay, okay. In the interest of complete disclosure, I would never have been able to get this stroller myself. But my parents gave us a family Christmas gift budget of $400 dollars this year (thank you!!!). So... we got the stroller... and even have some cash left over! To put towards! ....another carseat. *badump, (cha)ching*
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Erin said...

Holy stroller batman.
You better get to some baby making to fill that 4th seat!

Jen said...

I so needed that. Where were you two years ago? Man that is awesome!

Brandi said...

THat is awesome! If I ever have 4 kiddos, I will have to get one of those!

Ali said...

Very cool! And the real Christmas miracle would be no one fighting over who gets what seat!

Stacey Wicker said...

Sooooo, what your saying is, instead of letting that 4th seat get cold, you've got a bun in the oven?

Jessica said... for brodie!

Sarah @ said...

How exciting!! I hope you write about how it works!

Also, the reason I could never get one is that my husband would start going on and on about how we needed to fill it up pronto lol.

SeekerofGrace said...

Hey now you're totally ready for baby#4!!!!

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