Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Friday

Once upon a time I was a (natural) blonde...

awwwww, poor jessi, she's not blonde.

And then, I wasn't...


I lived like that for a while (suck), until I started making money (yay!), at which point I put my hair in the hands of professionals.

I look hawt.

But when Casey was born, I quit my job and the hair fund dried up (boo). So I went to the dark side.

It's from a bottle. Can you tell?

Then I (very briefly) pretended I had money (I didn't) and went back to the salon.


After a (short) while, reality set in. So I went au natural.

meh. At least it's not grey.

But I miss the blonde. And got very excited when I saw this at the grocery store.

Only $10! And she's hawt!

Until I turned the box and saw the picture on the other side.

Hey there, creepy dude in a really bad wig.

So, tell me, have you ever been bottle blonde? Am I crazy to even consider it?


fidget said...

never been bottle blond and ZOMG that guy is creeptastic

mom2nji said...

I was a bottle blond through all of High School. When I say blond, it was PLATINUM. I loved it. Then it was red, then brown, then blond, then red, now black. I mess with it A LOT. I thinking of adding a few red or purple streaks.
Ummm and yeah that dude is horrifying.

Crystal Rae said...

I've never done. But if I were you I would get a couple boxes. So you can do it once. Let it set for a couple of weeks, and do it again. Because my stylist has told me if I wanted to do the whole bleach blonde look we have to do it in stages. :P SO maybe doing 2 might help make it be more blonde. :P

Tabitha Blue said...

Woah, that picture on the back of the box is creepy!!! I've never been a bottle blonde, a little scared of it myself. I think you look great au natural!! But at least show pics if you do try it ;)

Unknown said...

I'm a darker blonde than I formerly was. I've added highlights over the years, when I had money(I have none now) and now it's to camo some of the gray coming in...........eeeeek!

Unknown said...

I miss mt natural blondness too... sigh.

You look great with your natural color though!

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