Monday, December 14, 2009

Field Tripping into the Wild.

(if you're just here for pictures, scroll to the bottom!)

Yesterday we had an adventure. My best friend, Keri, is an ubergurutravelextraordinaire and gets free tickets to all sorts of attractions (once she took me on a five day cruise!). So, while Hubs was busy studying for exams, Keri and I took the boys to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The groundwork was laid... I packed every possible snack and drink known to man child, along with diapers, changes of clothes, toys, bandaids, purell, napkins, camera, phone, teddy bears, dinosaurs, zoo animals, choochoo trains and about a half (or full) dozen other things that may or may not be absolutely necessarymusthaverightnowthisveryminuteMOMMYWHEREISIT?! to a toddler. Except the wipes. Ew.

While I packed, Hubs showed the boys pictures of Animal Kingdom and talked about what to expect. They looked at the animals and dinosaurs and got very excited. I even thought ahead and kept the baby awake all morning, so he would sleep in the car (for the first time EVER!). And when Keri got to our house she played with the boys while I got dressed (Yes, yes, I did get dressed at 1pm. What's it to you?). Then we loaded up and headed off.

Casey was upset to learn Daddy wasn't going with us, but recovered quickly when reminded of the Dinosaurs! and Animals! We got to the park without major incident and even managed to ride a tram from the parking lot (like a traincarmonorail, Mommy!). It wasn't until attempting to unload from the tram when I realized my (EPIC) fail. I forgot to make Casey eat lunch. Oops.

Don't get me wrong. It wasn't for lack of offering - he just kept refusing. And I was busy. So, he didn't eat. Super oops.

My misstep became painfully obvious when the tram pulled up to the park entrance and Casey began whimpering and begging to go home. And then screaming NOANIMALSNODINOSAURS NOANIMALSNODINOSAURS! agghgghgghgggh. (<------ that part is me). It was embarrassing. But we pried him from the tram, strapped him in the stroller and entered the park. A little plying with pretzels, cheese sticks and a peanut butter sandwich (and reassuring that the dinosaurs and animals would NOT jump out from the 'foresttrees') and we were set to go. Phew! The remainder of the day was awesome. We mostly just wandered about looking at the random animals and watching rides from the sidelines. We saw the parade (twice!) and played bongos. Good stuff. Baby Stephen even chilled in the stroller wide awake for most of the time. Seriously good stuff.

Lessons learned?

1. Force feeding the children is not only ok, but probably a good idea.
2. Pack wipes.
3. Three kids is a lot of work pretty awesome.



mom2nji said...

Animal Kingdom is awesome. Its just about the only park I will brave alone with the kids.
We should meet up there sometime.

Jen said...

Wow, a post with words. I sorta don't know what to do with that. ;)


Glad you had a good time. And a trip wouldn't be complete without some mishap.

Erin said...

Love love love animal kingdom!

fidget said...

dude, totally awesome photo face

nancie said...

yeah..that's funny..a post with words!! that's exactly what i thought. i've never commented before, but i've enjoyed your blog for several months seem like an awesome mom...with an awesome family!! your boys are so so so adorable...
anyway...i'm glad you are getting back into posting more..don't get me wrong..i LOVE the pictures..i just love the stories you tell..and have missed them!! i look forward to hearing more about your everyday adventures!!

Anonymous said...

Had lots of fun with you and the boys! And I am so changing my business cards to whatever that title you gave me in the beginning was :o)

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