Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have I Mentioned, We Love EPCOT?

On Friday we hit EPCOT again. The weather was fantastic and the crowds are gone now since the Food and Wine Festival is over. This time we took the short boat trip in The Lands, went on the Figment ride and then hopped on the monorail. The monorail was our only big hit. "It's like Thomas, Mommy!!!"

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Casey said...

Does Wes realize how ineffective backwards hats are? Unless the desired effect is looking like an old frat boy ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Casey. I think the backward hat is quite sexy. And I mean this in general, because by no means would I say Wes is sexy. :-)

Were you stealing stuff from Epcot? What's in the sack around your body? Hee Hee.


Unknown said...

we have always wanted to visit epcot how very cool...look at your beautiful family!

PunkRockChic said...

I LOVE your baby carrier thing!!!

Lani said...

Epcot is my favorite walking place with the kids! I just went the other day, they love that train thing in Germany:)

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