Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday... Keeping Busy!

Tuesday! A trip to the zoo with the boys and then dinner at Flats with my sister and her husband.

I promised I wouldn't publish this picture, but that was before I knew it would be the only one of both of us pregnant!

Wednesday! Clean Clean Clean! Mountains of Laundry and more sorting. This nesting thing is great! Garage sale next week and, the way I'm going, I may just invite people in to buy whatever isn't nailed down.

This is only the beginning...

Thursday! Another visit to the OB for our (now routine) 30+ minute weekly ultrasound. Can you believe I've had six sonograms in the past month and we STILL don't know the gender?! Talk about crazy... I'm like the Chuck Norris of willpower!

sonogram,ultrasound,30 weeks,pregnant
Can you see me now?

Friday! It's Sea World for the morning where we watched the jelly fish, went through the shark exhibit (twice!) and fed the sea lions. Vegetable curry for dinner, the in-laws are on their way for a visit and a call from my sister that her water broke!

april,casey,jonathan,sea world
Apparently the sea lions are more interesting than daddy with a camera.

Saturday! It's a BOY! After only five hours of labor, Jessi and Damon introduced a gorgeous baby boy to the family at 12:07 AM! My parents made it up to see the baby just after he was born and my brother, sister and sister's boyfriend joined the fun in the afternoon. Chinese food and baby passing at Jessi's for dinner.

Aunt Sally is trying to decide which would taste better... Chinese food or baby Brodie?

Sunday! A quick visit to the new little nugget and then lunch at Amigos. Dad, Sally, Casey, Enrique and the in-laws departed, leaving the house eerily quiet. No time to waste, though, Hubs moved furniture for me and I got to work unpacking newborn clothes for our own coming attraction!

New baby digs.
Check out what we were up to this week last year!


Unknown said...

It all sounds good, and I hate garage sales, but love cleaning out old junk! I love Tijuana Flats!!!
I thought of you yesterday, my daughter played soccer in Sandford, the big fields near Lake Sylvan Park, we went shopping at STC and found her homecoming dress....yay, now for shoes and the acces.........ugh. I love the picture of you and your sister!

Jen said...

Oh what a cute baby. I so want to hold him. I have a huge baby itch right now.

Anonymous said...

Love the preggo sister picture! Blown away that it only took 5hours for Jessica to have Brodie...and then she was back home that same day? WOW!!!!


Lani said...

Congrats on the beautiful new nephew!

Erin said...

Your room looks great!!!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Such a cute baby! I also loved the nesting phase, it was the last time I felt like I got something done around here. :)

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