Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday... Six Things I Learned On Our (mini) Vacation.

1. We should've done this a long time ago.

When Casey was about six months we went on a cruise for our anniversary. My whole family came and it was a blast. EXCEPT... Casey did not sleep. At all. Whatsoever. The trip was five nights and even though my parents kindly relieved us of the baby around six each morning, we were absolutely miserable zombies by the end of the trip.

Since then, we've used the cruise as a shining example of 'What Happens When Parents Try to Have Fun' and, therefore, have not ventured out again. I wish we had. This trip proved careful planning and flexibility can allow for a really nice time. *sigh* It's Murphy's Law that we would figure this out right before #3 arrives to throw a monkey wrench into the dynamic.



2. Co-Sleeping sucks, but sometimes it's also awesome.

Equipped with the right attitude (and accessories) I've come to the conclusion that co-sleeping isn't always horrible. What did we need? 1. Bed rails. 2. A Boppy Total Body Pillow. 3. Sheer exhaustion.


the morning after co-sleeping,co-sleeping

3. I can't wait to get a minivan.

We brought a lot of stuff. Between toys, sleeping implementation, the double stroller and our clothes, my rearview was pretty much useless. We need a minivan. I'm pretty sure Amy put it best when she said, "Seriously, the back seats FOLD INTO THE FLOOR, OH MY GOD."

jonathan,pack and play

4. Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.

We picked the cheapest hotel available that fit our requirements: 1. Near the beach, 2. Balcony or patio, 3. Fridge in the room, 4. Near downtown, 5. Pool. For less than $100 a night we found the Ocean Sands Beach Inn. The reviews were pretty terrible, but we figured if bed time ended in total disaster, we wouldn't feel too guilty about running back home in the middle of the night. Turns out? The place was great. It was old and well worn, but it was clean, super close to the beach (like as in, a few feet), had a heated pool, equipped each room with a refrigerator AND microwave and, hello?, free breakfast!



5. Even Floridians know how to screw up the application of sunscreen.

Humpf. Not only did I miss a band across Hubs' back when I lathered him up, but I also missed the top of my right foot, my entire right forearm and... oh yeh... my back. *ouch* At least the kids were thoroughly doused and able to maintain their healthy winter white glow.



6. One night away is so much better than zero.

We only had enough time and money to get away for one night. We hemmed and hawed about whether the trip was worth it for a vacation that would last less than twenty-four hours. Considering that when traveling with two toddlers and a very pregnant mommy, you have to pack about the same amount of stuff for one night as you would for a six month excursion, it's a lot of effort for potentially very little reward. Except? Totally, unequivocally worth it.

(he's really sad about leaving. or getting there. who knows)


Jenn said...

its always good to get out and about before the new one shows up. And your looking great.. besides the sunburn... i always forget the tops of my feet.

Erin said...

YEA! Soooo glad it worked out for you!
I smell a DiCarolis/Cary vaca in the next few years!!
(Disney this Nov. for the snowy nights!!)

Anonymous said...

I thought you had a strict no skirt on bathing suits policy? HA! Glad you guys were able to enjoy yourselves!


Casey said...

Great post, I have a funky sunburn too =D

Vered said...

Glad you had a good time! I agree that a short vacation is better than no vacation.

Jen said...

I agree going away is hard and stressful but it is worth it. I think that it make you more confident. If you can handle that then you can handle anything.

Sarah @ said...

The belly is looking good!!

Also, I love the arrows pointing here and there. The hungover one made me crack up. Out loud. Like a crazy person.

Unknown said...

I always have one burnt strip!! Why, because I am the one applying it to everyone else....who cares so much about mom!
Many times one night away is better than not at all........glad you did it!

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