Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Open Letter to Sea World.

Dearest Sea World,

We love you. Really, we do. The "pay for a day, come back all year" campaign? Brilliant. The dolphin & bird show? Fantastic. The flowers and landscaping? Beautiful.


I have a few bones to pick...

1. The water features everywhere that say 'no wading'?


2. Stroller parking with no rain canopy?


3. Stroller parking at the bottom of a really long hill?

Please stop trying to kill me.

4. Not having your ushers point out the teensy little 'soak zone' signs when they see a mess of babies sitting a bit too close at the Shamu show?


5. No water fountains?

Seriously, I filled my canteen in the bathroom. Gross.

6. Not opening the food vendors until 11:30?


Yours truly,
A soaking wet, thirsty mama with some seriously pissed off children.

p.s. We really do love you, though. See you next week!
More tributes here.


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Wow. Thanks for the heads up! Now I know to never bring any of the kids in my family until after 11:30am!

Unknown said...

Enjoy the summer of Sea World.........I guess it's live and learn huh?

Tina said...


I hear ya...really what's up with no water fountains. Oh I know they would like you to buy the $5.00 bottled water!!! LOL

Darling pictures....

Ashley said...

How lucky you are to be able to enjoy it so often... even with the draw backs. It's hard to not love Shamu!

Vered said...

We've been there once, in 2004, and loved it! But yes, not opening the food vendors until 11:30 is NOT OK.

Tabitha Blue said...

SeaWorld is fun, and we just went... well a few weeks ago. Not close enough to enjoy again anytime soon. But, those parks suck.



Krista Neil said...

Good to know, thanks!

fidget said...

no food until 1130? SUUUUCK. Im hungry all.the.time.

Lani said...

One of my MoM friends has a pass, and told me it's possible to get a special stroller pass at Guest services, so there are some attractions you can take your stroller into, including the Shamu show! I have yet to get my Seaworld pass, but I want one!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Dane loved the dlophin show although when we went in may it was freezing and then when we went in july it was hotter the h e double hockey sticks and Dane was teething, bad experience but he loved the dolphin show...lol

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