Sunday, May 24, 2009

Potty Training? Bwahahahahaha!

My kids
looooove the potty!

They love to throw things in it.

They love to watch Mommy and Daddy use it.

They love to peek under stalls and watch strangers use it.

They love to give play-by-plays (especially in public places) when it's being used.

They even love to sit on it! Fully clothed.

But they do not. Do not. Love to use it.



Heather said...

Too funny...and so typical of kids...they do all the things you don't want them to do and none of the things you desperately want them to do.

Jenni said...

Some day they will poo and pee on it...and it will be good. And you will rejoice.

Krista Neil said...

Potty training is the worst!!!!

Unknown said...

I laughed so hard at this list. My least favorite memories are those of visiting every public restroom in Central Florida everywhere we went during those early potty days. Someone had to go.........all the time, and I think just visiting all the potties was the reason for the, sorry, just what was that appeal...LOL!

fidget said...

2 1/2 yr old wont use it either. SIGH.

Gwen said...

My son didn't get trained until 3.5. When he decided he actually wanted to. We started at about 2.5. Bribes only worked till he got what he wanted. (I am still waiting to be able to go to the bathroom alone.)

Erin said...

We are FULLY trained over here!
Even at night!
But the random public restrooms SUCKS.

Potty training nanna said...

Ha ha that sounds very funny. Thanks for the laugh :-)

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