Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flashback Friday!

Erin & Me super duper pregnant with Merrick & Casey.
She went into labor that night, and I had Casey ten days later! (Circa 2006).

More Flashbacks:
The Stilleto Mom

p.s. Want to participate? Let me know if you do a Flashback Friday post and I'll link it up here!


Unknown said...

OMG you both look like you are going to burst, I forgot how uncomfortable that last month is!

Jenni said...

A very fitting flashback for mother's day weekend!

Erin said...

Not what I needed to see first thing in the AM.
This just slapped the baby fever outta me.

Tabitha Blue said...

Look at you two all preggy together!!!! I had to crack up at Erin's comment..


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