Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Has the Magic Touch. Blissfully Domestic Buzz. A Giveaway. And. Bubbles!

Daddy has the magic touch:

Blissfully Domestic Buzz:

A Giveaway:

And. Bubbles!


Atlanta Mommy said...

Don't you just love watching your husband hold your sleeping child? Beautiful photo!

Jenni said...

Can we win your doggie?

Vered said...

There's something so beautiful about a father holding a small child.

Anonymous said...

Hey April,

Don't listen to all those back-slapping haters on that "review" site. They dissed my blog the day before yours.

Here is their protocol:


So-called review -> Hate! Hate! Hate!

Comments Section ->

Love Bites: Yes! Hate! I totally agree. And I'm awesome because I'm named after a bad 80s Def Leppard Song.

SciFi Dad: Yes! Hate! I agree! I'm awesome because I'm taking a break from teaching my son Klingon to hate on someone else's blog.


Anyways, you're a mom with pictures of your kids. Only insecure losers would spend so much time being negative about that.

BioniKat said...

I love your site April and mainly because of your videos. It brings back memories of when my kids were small. I also love how patient you hubby is with the boys. You don't often get that.

Anonymous said...

April, I did write back to you in the comments. I wasn't ignoring you, I had a kid with the stomach bug. I do think that the kids are darling.

Take care,


Reverend Ghost said...

I still don't understand, knowing well what AAYSR is known for, you would submit. Actually, I do know, I think we were all just hoping you would come out and say it. I'm sorry you didn't. Seriously, I'm a parent, I get all the pics and videos. It's great to have all these things posted. But don't bring it with you to an orgy.

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