Monday, February 16, 2009

Beer is So Good.

Casey developed a raging ear infection on Friday. He woke up at 3AM crying and holding his left cheek. We assumed it was the molars he's been working on, so I dosed him with Motrin and put him back to bed. He stirred every twenty minutes or so after that, moaning and holding his cheek, but when he got up for good he was in a wonderful mood and we figured the worst was over. Hah.

I told my mom about the morning fiasco and her immediate reaction was, 'oh, he probably has an ear infection'. Pshhhhh... what does she know?

Dad came over around 7 to play with the boys while I ran and did an early morning favor for a girlfriend. When I returned the kids were napping (sweet jesus!) and Dad had gone to his place for a siesta. Casey got up a while later full of rainbows and sunshine; the day was looking bright! I made plans with my parents to meet at a local sushi restaurant for lunch and got the boys dressed.

Hubs offered to watch Jonathan while he worked so I'd only be dealing with one kiddo at lunch, and I was starting to think this might be an Awesome Day. Until we got in the car. And Casey started whining. And Hubs said 'maybe you should leave him behind and take JJ instead?'. And I said 'No, don't be silly, he's fiiiiiiiine.'

The ride was uneventful. Casey was quiet and this gave me hope. We parked and I unbuckled him. He fussed about turning his movie off, and I noticed he was a little warm. But we were still ok. We walked through the parking lot and he asked to be carried. No big thing. We walked into the restaurant and He. Lost. His. Shit.

My dad, who is horrified at the idea of making a scene in public, looked at me with terror in his eyes and mouthed 'get him out of here now'. So I did. We walked a couple shops down and ordered a small ice cream, which Casey promptly slapped out of my hand. That's when I knew things were bad. My son, who will eat his entire dinner over the promise of a single bite of vanilla soft serve had just murderously assaulted an entire cup of the magical stuff. Fuck.

On the way home I called our pediatrician and got him in for the afternoon. And, sure enough, what my mom already knew, the doctor confirmed. Casey had a Very Bad Infection in his left ear. Oh yeh, and 102 degree fever. Awesome. She said it was bad enough that we should be giving him Motrin AND Tylenol to keep the pain and fever at bay.

So, Saturday, when my dad offered to stay behind and watch The Jungle book on loop with Casey instead of going to lunch? I agreed. And we had beer with lunch. And beer is so good.


Anonymous said...

Been there sister. Thus the tubes. The latest is Mason is taking breathing treatments every 4 hours and may have mommy's asthma. Fuck. Shelli

jmt said...

Hey disproportionate April blogger, I'm traveling over from SITS roll call. :) It really stinks when they have those infections and you don't want to be hauling them to the doc every five seconds, but then you feel like a BUTT when you take them and you worry they've had it for months. We're taking my baby today just in case....he's been acting so bad, but then again, that's part for the course for him. LOL We'll find out in a few hours! Happy President's Day.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Beer IS good.

Sorry to hear about the little guy's ear infection.

But on the bright side, I am sure it made him feel much better to have his picture taken while he was in excruciating pain...LOL.

Hope he feels better soon!

Lori said...

Hello there! I came over from Mom Sparks Entrecard Moms group - looking to drop a card. But I couldn't find one...maybe it's here somewhere and I'm losin my ever lovin mind =)
Anyhoo. Love your blog!

Young Momma said...

That sucks! I hope he feels better asap! Ear infections suck.

Suzie said...

My Little S just had the same thing. It was so sad. I like the ice cream test.

Yummm beer

Unknown said...

Oh April, I have so been in this situation, well except my parents live 1000 miles away so my mom was rarely there to say, um honey I think your child has XYZ. Our first ear infection totally baffled me, and then I felt so inadequate, like an 18 month old could have told me what her problem was....ugh. I hope Casey is feeling much better now, antibiotics are just the bomb, oh and beer is good too.

Jenni said...

Oh yeah...when the assault of ice cream occurs it is a clear indication that something is amiss.

Beer drinking was definitely in order!

I hope he is better today!

Threeundertwo said...

I hope your beer therapy helped. Works for me.

Poor little guy. Ear infections are the pits.

Anonymous said...

ALWC, I loved this long ass entry, but I need more. Like 5 long ass entries a day. Ok? It't not like you have 2 kids to take care of.

Kisses, Write More, Hugs, Write More


Bex said...

yay beer!

it is hard watching your little guys in pain. you deserve another beer at bedtime!

Courtney said...

Stopping by from SITS. Im always thinking mine has an ear infection and he NEVER does, not even once. So you know when he really does I wont realize it.

Homemom3 said...

oh the poor thing. My first son had really bad ear infections, they too considered tubes. hope he feels better.

Coco said...

Ah, poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better.

Love the pillows all around the couch.

And yes, beer is good.

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