Saturday, February 21, 2009

68 Things. a.k.a. The History of Me.

I was born on an Air Force Base in Texas.

In the hospital.

Not on the tarmac.

A couple years later, my parents gave me a sister.

And then another.

I moved to Florida with my parents (and sisters) when I was four.

I went to elementary school.

My parents gave me a brother.

I went to another elementary school.

And then a third.

I went to middle school.

And then to high school.

I moved to Colorado for college a week after my eighteenth birthday.

I went to college for a degree in studio art.

The art department at my high school awarded me a (very small) scholarship for this purpose.

I moved back to Florida six months later to attend state college.

I failed Art History.

Three times.

I changed my major to education.

My boyfriend (at the time) left for law school.

At his insistence, I took a prelaw class.

I loved it.

I changed my major.

I got a minor in Studio Art.

I got a minor in Behavioral Sociology.

I got a minor in Legal Studies.

And I met my (future) husband.

They gave me a degree in Liberal Studies.

On my twenty-first birthday.

So, I moved to New Jersey.

And went to law school.

But I missed my (future) husband.

So I moved back to Florida.

And finished law school.

And got married.

On the same day.

I'm an atheist.

My dad asked me not to say that.

He thinks it will scare you away.

I won't try to convert you.


My husband is atheist.

So we hired an officiant and told him it was a civil ceremony.

He said Jesus no less than twenty times.

And gave us a Marriage Certificate that says 'Holy Union'.

And his cell phone went off during the ceremony.

We were married on Saturday.

Moved into our house on Sunday.

And went back to work on Monday.

We got pregnant (oops!) in October of 2004.

I miscarried in December.

We got pregnat (yay!) in February of 2005.

I miscarried in April.

We saw a lot of doctors.

We got pregnant (hmmm...) in March of 2006.

I quit my day job in October.

And a little baby boy rocked our world in November.

But we didn't have a name.

And we weren't allowed to leave the hospital without naming him.

So we stole my brother's name.

Because he's pretty cool.

And so, he was Casey.

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in May of '07.

And got pregnant again in June.

Another little boy rocked our world in March.

But not before rupturing my uterus.

We named him Jonathan.

And he still likes to break stuff.


Will said...

Heathens of the world, unite!

And I'll overlook the bit about being a lawyer. That's way more offensive than the bit we share in common.

Young Momma said...

Wow. That was... a lot. LOL I liked it though. Love that your dad asked you not to mention it. LOL

Bex said...

"and he still likes to break stuff" that was awesome!

Jenni said...

Don't worry, dad! I'm not scared!

Unknown said...

I love this list, and ofcourse the way you put it together.
A lawyer, even more surprising and scary than the atheiest thing(and this from a Catholic convert no less).
You are so much fun to read!

Jen said...

I loved this. It is nice to get to know you better.

anymommy said...

Life comes at you so fast. I loved getting to know you a little better. And, yes, you did make them and they are beautiful!!

Zebu Bull::മാണിക്കൻ said...

That's a pretty neat list!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely not an atheist, but I love your blog. Your sense of humor is great, and it's obvious and wonderful that you accept and love everyone in your family 'as is.'

bubbledumpster said...

hey! what about the third little one?


Nat RL said...

So far I pinned a couple of your recipes and I can't wait to try them. Nice blog :) Thank you for being an atheist, it makes me feel better about not being a Christian anymore.

Anonymous said...

Really love several of your recipes and especially appreciate your sense of humor!! I loved your personal facts page too, even more so for the atheist mention, and not just for the bravery of posting it, but also for the attitude and owning it, makes me feel like I'm not alone in saying outloud with conviction :). So thanks - for all of it, keep up the clever writing and delicious cooking!!

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