Saturday, January 17, 2009

Around Town.

Yesterday I hit Toys-R-Us and The Florida Mall with the boys. I know, I know. Why, ever, would I go into Toys-R-Us with two small children. Because I'm stupid. Period.

He didn't get a choo-choo, but vinyl kickballs were on sale 3 balls for $2. Score.

We saw more interesting tourists at the mall.

And JJ decided he wants to be a trucker.

Today we went to Winter Park for the afternoon.
I should've brought all three kickballs.

At night we've started reading books as opposed to watching television.
(I know, parenting genius).
JJ's REALLY into it.

And the boys do love their baths.


Jen said...

What a good trip over all! And the bath video, just too cute.

steenky bee said...

My son loves baths. If I won't give him one (beacuse, oh, I don't know, maybe he's already had a morning AND an afternoon bath) he claims that his "leg has a headache" so he'll let me soak it in the tub.

creative kerfuffle said...

i love the earnest look on jj's face w/ the book reading. he's like, wtf is up w/ this dr. seuss guy? sheesh. and the bath tub videos are too cute!

anymommy said...

Hey if you got out alive, it's a successful toy shopping trip with small kiddos.

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