Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year of the Child(ren).

This past year has been about the kids. We're playing tag team and parenting around each other. In the same house. At the same time. But not in unison. We're reporting whereabouts, sleep patterns and eating habits, but having difficulty sharing the moment. Next year, 2009, will be about the family. One unit working in cohesion to a singular goal. Together.

2009: The Year of the Family.

p.s. Check out this fantastic photo book that I was able to make courtesy of PBN.

p.p.s. This gal is one of the head bloggy peeps at PBN, and she's hosting a fantastic contest.

Monkey Business on Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, December 29, 2008

If My Clinical Psychologist Sister Calls Me an Idiot, Does it Stick? And Can I Collect Disability?

Seriously, Google?*

* If you use this search term in Google, my site comes up. Hello?! Our christmas was fantastic!!!

Edit: My clinical psychologist sister did not actually call me an idiot, I'm just asking for future reference.

Second Edit: Apparently, my sister is not a clinical psychologist. She is a mental health counselor. Who knew?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry I've been MIA. We got back from christmas at my parents' late last night and now I'm running about like a madwoman prepping for my cousins and their families (and my parents and brother and sisters and entourage...) arriving next week. So much cooking and cleaning. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hubs is Getting Me a Big Mac. I Love Him.

Yesterday we celebrated December in Gainesville with Hubs' family. We're not Christian, or Jewish, or anything at all, so it wouldn't REALLY be appropriate to say we celebrated Christmas. But there were gifts and fudge involved. And it was nice. Later this week we will introduce a decorated tree, lots more presents, food, and my family to the equation. And maybe I will refer to it as christmas. With a lower case 'c'.

Headed to Mimi's (Casey speak for Grandma Neenie)

The weather was foreboding, but we soldiered on.

While visiting we took a trip to the University of Florida's Museum where they have a buh-fy (butterfly) release. Casey LOVES him some butterflies, and their garden enclosure has (literally) thousands, so he was in heaven. Plus they stamped his hand with a butterfly, so, you know, bonus. There's also a small dinosaurish exhibit (any large fossils are "souras") and Grandpa Mike bought Casey two toy dinos (that he has not yet put down) at the museum shop.

Unfortunately, my camera battery fizzled out (bad mommy) towards the beginning of our visit, so I have very few pictures. Hopefully the inlaws will email me copies of theirs soon!

Jonathan rolling around on Grandma Bonnie.

Jonathan taking a quiet moment with Grandma Neenie.

We returned late last night and the boys (and mommy) were in rough shape today after the whilrwind trip. But Wes brought me a Big Mac, so life is looking up.

Only seconds later this scene was not nearly so cute. In fact, it was not cute at all.
It made me want to hide under the covers for the rest of the day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

And The Feeling Is...... SICK!

Yesterday Merrick stayed home from school, so I trooped the kids over to the DiCarolis house and watched them all there. The boys were in heaven. Mommy, not so much. Aside from a raging sinus infection, I awoke with a tooth issue. Well, a tooth, jaw, entire right side of my face warm and throbbing thing. But, the boys were happy and that's (mostly) what counts.

In the evening I took a percocet (yes, I have a prescription) and felt GOOD. But then I had nightmares and couldn't wake up because I was in that weirdo stoned sleep.

In the morning I met Keri under the guise of 'helping her with furniture'. But, really all we did was walk around the outdoor mall and eat lunch. With horses.

Also I hit the craft store and bought yarn for this chick's special order scarf. Want one? Just ask!

In the afternoon, Casey was running a fever and complained about his nose, so I took him to the walk-in clinic where we added ear infection and sinus infection to the list of fun. There are now three separate prescriptions for antibiotic in this house. All being taken by different persons. None of whom are Hubs.

Casey was very good not a screaming disaster at the clinic, so he was rewarded with a vanilla cone from McD's while we waited at the pharmacy. He loves me now.

In good news, the tooth issue has all but abated. I'm thinking it had something to do with the sinus issue. Thank goodness for antibiotics. Thank goodness.

p.s. Casey thinks my camera only works if you say 'cheese' to it. I heard him in the corner yesterday morning whispering (in a very annoyed tone) 'cheese' over and over. I investigated and he was taking pictures, but thought it wasn't working because I had the flash off. Hah. I'm just impressed he knows how to turn it on and take shots.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're Trying to Make the Holidays Less Stressful, But the Plague is Bringing Us Down.

I'm doing everything I can think of some things to keep our holiday season stress free. Which is, of course, impossible. But I'm trying. We're not decorating (at all) this year. We're not exchanging presents (Grandma does more than enough). We're not hosting guests (well, not until January). And I'm not sending holiday cards (maybe a spring postcard, instead?).

Despite my efforts, we have been relentlessly hunted down and captured by the plague. Which is not stress relieving. It is not relaxing. It is not fun.

But, this chick made me laugh.

And, did you know, that while fantastic looking, fringe is a major pain in the behind.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sometimes Kids Say the Darndest Things and Sometimes it Just Sounds Like Porn.

I took the boys to the science center today to see the souras (dinosaurs). Although, oddly, while that's the part Casey talks about the most, it's the area he spends the least amount of time. He prefers the orange grove, sewer, gator pond, fish tank, and trains choo-choos. But all he talks about are the souras. Ah well.

So this afternoon we ended our trip in the kids play area where they have "trains" to play with. One is a cause and effect type game where you set a golf ball in motion at the top and have to pull levers and triggers and push, pull, rotate, blah, blah, blah. The ball finally comes out the back end after you've gotten through all the red tape fun. Face and JJ played on this for a very very long time. Well, Casey played and Jonathan threw golf balls.

After Casey was done, he wandered to the big train where you can step up and play conductor. I was sitting several yards away crocheting something beautiful and watching JJ. I could see the top of Casey's head and noticed another, somewhat older boy had joined him at the helm. I didn't think anything of it until this (very loud) chant began:




As any good Mommy would, I grabbed my camera and ran over to see what in holy hell they were doing. Or, more specifically, what this older boy was doing to my son. Turns out he was spinning the steering wheel (CIRCLE.) and pulling the cord for the train whistle (JERK!). Hah!

Unfortunately, he finished his refrain before I was able to turn the video on.

p.s. is your neck cold?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Is Where I'm Supposed To Tell You How I Will Be a Better Person In 2009. But I'm Not Really Committing to Anything, OK?

1. I will (strive to) be a better Mommy by finding things to occupy my child at the store. Things that are not expensive, electronic and/or digital in nature.

2. I will (strive to) write Thank-You notes in a more timely fashion.

3. I will (strive to) promote my Etsy shop like cuh-razeeee and become fabulously wealthy (and famous?). By selling handmade scarves.

4. I will (strive not to) embarrass my sister (and other family members) with posts like this and this. (Let's not kid ourselves).

5. I will (strive to) visit the in-laws more often.

6. I will (strive to) be nicer to Hubs.

7. I will (strive to) keep the house neater.

8. I will (strive to) eat healthier.

9. I will (strive to) buy more clothing with tails.

10. I will (strive to) do at least a few of the things on my list.

Because Sometimes You Just Need a Little Cute.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mostly I Don't Look Like I've Been Living in a Garbage Can. But Sometimes it Happens.

Yesterday in all my snot filled glory, the kids dragged me out of the house. O.K., actually they whined and moaned and picked fights with one another until I ran away forever caved and took their needy little persons on an outing.

I went to the mall. Begrudgingly. Without make-up. In dirty jeans. Unwashed hair. Spit-up covered shirt. And ran into someone I haven't seen in five years. Who looked fantastic.


To add insult to injury, the last time I saw her (which was, again, five years from the time before) I was the heaviest I've ever been. I remember walking away and wondering if she thought I was going to try to eat her. I wouldn't. She's too skinny.

After the encounter I realized I really really really needed to pee. Except I was using the side-by-side double stroller. Which only fits in one bathroom in the ENTIRE MALL. So, I booked it toward Sears. Except the kids play toys are in front of Sears. And I told Casey about a billion times we were going to the mall to play on the toys.


So we stop at the toys. And play. And play some more. And keep on playing. And OH MY GOD IT'S GETTING URGENT. So we go.

We were so close. And then I sneezed. And I sneezed again. And then a third time. And then the dam broke. And that made me really glad I had my encounter at the beginning of our trip instead of the end. Because it's one thing to look like a homeless person, and quite another to smell like one.

Oh yeh, and then I went home and tried to seduce Hubs.

p.s. I added a few more things (ok, two more) to my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sick Sucks.

Our house has the plague again.

No post tonight.

Go check out my Etsy shop, Spunk, Spice & a Little Bit of Glam.

I have a big fat ONE ITEM for sale.

Because I'm amazing like that.

There will be more soon.


Monday, December 8, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That.

On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving (again!) with the DiCarolis family. It was SO yum.

After dinner the boys took a bath together.

Just like they did last year!

Then JJ fell asleep so Hubs had to watch football *very quietly*.

I just realized I never posted the pictures from our real Thanksgiving with Hubs' parents. The boys were in charge of the camera, so there aren't many pictures.

Today I made bread. In loaf shape. I also made pumpkin soup. I've been in a pumpkin kind of mood lately.
P.S. I'm considering opening an Etsy shop to sell my scarves. What do you think? Good idea or silly pipe dream?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Premature Eblogulation.

This week's blog blast contest asks for a post about your family's favorite games. HELLO. My Big Black Cock post is the clear winner in this category. *sigh*

Ah well.

A lucky blogger will receive the Mother Load of Wii games, so in that thread, I can tell you we are Major Gamers. Board games, PC games, console games - no matter. Games rock and we love them. When we're home for family gettogethers there are often several games happening at once - card playing, PC gaming, the Wii and board games haven been known to occur simultaneously. Often with family members attending to more that one activity each. What can I say? We're clearly gifted.

I know, this was a seriously lame post. But, I have writers block. Bugger off. Wait, no, don't bugger off. Read about my yummy pumpkin cake!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twinkle Lights on Winter Nights.

They boys had so much fun playing together on Wednesday that yesterday, en route to the park, I made the impromptu decision to pick up Merrick again. Fortunately, his parents are alright with me stealing their kid for the afternoon.

This time Casey got excited as soon as he saw the daycare building and, instead of dragging him in, I had to hold his shirt by the collar to keep him from tearing through the classrooms in search of Merrick. I got a good laugh at the desk clerk saying she remembered me because she's good with faces. Heh. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the two crazed children I was trying to corral whilst picking up a third. That wouldn't jog your memory at all.

As soon as I got the boys into the car (no small feat) they began chanting 'zoo! zoo!'. I promptly chanted in return 'park park', and that's exactly where we went. We had the toddler play zone and the softball fields all to ourselves. The boys monkeyed around on the equipment for a while. They chased each other through the tubes and down the slides making sure to pat JJ on the head before they whizzed back up the ladder for more goofiness.

When they grew tired of the playground, we took a walk around the fields and stopped at a picnic table for snacks.

After snacks the boys discovered bleachers and couldn't be bribed away, even with the promise of choo-choos!

Finally, after nearly an hour of fun on the bleachers we headed out. Naturally, the sprinklers went off while we were at the fields, so it was a splish-splash, wet trip back. The boys didn't seem to mind. Ha!

After the park we all headed to the University where we met Damon and Jessica for another night of Light Up UCF. The boys were dazzled as ever by the decorations and we had a nice picnic dinner with the whole gang.

After such a full day, it was a blessedly quiet ride home.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Year Old Boys Are Actually a Lot Like Twelve Year Old Girls.

Yesterday morning Casey ate his first whole apple. Not like he ate it all, but like, I didn't have to cut it up. He actually only ate about a third. And then another third with lunch. And then Wes found it on the floor this morning and it was just a brown soggy core. I think Izzie at the rest.

Erin had a late meeting, so I picked up Merrick from daycare after Casey's two year well visit (which was awesome. really.). Casey was very hesitant when we walked into daycare and I had to drag him (literally) to Merrick's classroom. As soon as Casey saw Merrick through the glass doors, though, he started jumping up and down with excitement. Then Merrick saw Casey and... simultaneously...

Seriously. And they ran into each others arms and hugged. It was ridiculous. And it made me cry.

After pick-up, we headed to the zoo. Casey and Merrick ran the entire zoo. Well, except occasionally they would stop to jump up and down for several seconds. I was worried when we arrived that there wouldn't be enough time to see everything (we got there about an hour before closing), but the little Speed Racers got us to the petting zoo with thirty minutes to spare! The petting zoo chick saw us coming and LOCKED THE FEED SHOP AS WE WERE WALKING UP. So I did what any normal, sane (and slightly irritated) Mommy would do. I knocked on the door until she opened it. And then I made her get us some cow chow. And then I paid her in nickels and pennies.

Ok, he's not really afraid of stuffed animals. But he is a little uptight.

After the zoo we met up with Erin and Nick at my house where we dined heartily on fresh bread and pulled pork. Mmmmm. In the evening when everyone left I made Really Colorful Cookies. And then I got a piece of ass.

Oh yeh. JJ's big boy car seat came too.

Sorry kiddo, it was on sale.
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