Monday, December 22, 2008

Hubs is Getting Me a Big Mac. I Love Him.

Yesterday we celebrated December in Gainesville with Hubs' family. We're not Christian, or Jewish, or anything at all, so it wouldn't REALLY be appropriate to say we celebrated Christmas. But there were gifts and fudge involved. And it was nice. Later this week we will introduce a decorated tree, lots more presents, food, and my family to the equation. And maybe I will refer to it as christmas. With a lower case 'c'.

Headed to Mimi's (Casey speak for Grandma Neenie)

The weather was foreboding, but we soldiered on.

While visiting we took a trip to the University of Florida's Museum where they have a buh-fy (butterfly) release. Casey LOVES him some butterflies, and their garden enclosure has (literally) thousands, so he was in heaven. Plus they stamped his hand with a butterfly, so, you know, bonus. There's also a small dinosaurish exhibit (any large fossils are "souras") and Grandpa Mike bought Casey two toy dinos (that he has not yet put down) at the museum shop.

Unfortunately, my camera battery fizzled out (bad mommy) towards the beginning of our visit, so I have very few pictures. Hopefully the inlaws will email me copies of theirs soon!

Jonathan rolling around on Grandma Bonnie.

Jonathan taking a quiet moment with Grandma Neenie.

We returned late last night and the boys (and mommy) were in rough shape today after the whilrwind trip. But Wes brought me a Big Mac, so life is looking up.

Only seconds later this scene was not nearly so cute. In fact, it was not cute at all.
It made me want to hide under the covers for the rest of the day.


Ali said...

I have many pics of the boys peacefully playing with toys only to have a chaotic eruption of "mine, mine, MINE!" happen seconds later.

Big Macs. Yum.

Jenni said...

Looks like a fun family weekend!

I prefer the chicken sandwich from McD's...

mrsmouthy said...

Sounds like a very merry unchristmas. I love the pic of Jonathan having a quiet moment with Neenie!

Suzie said...

Wow that butterfly thing sounds great

Claremont First Ward said...

The butterfly thing sounds so great. They don't release the butterflys this time of year do they?

Merry christmas! :)

The Stiletto Mom said...

So cute the way he says butterflys. Awww.... :)

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!

Unknown said...

Gifts, fudge, AND butterflies. That's an okay time. Oh, I forgot the Big Mac. See, that's worth the not so cute part.

Anonymous said...

hmm... merry wait wait... happy holidays? wait... um... crap.

Happy Holidays any ways.

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