Monday, November 17, 2008

"Baby Wearing Fools" by Mama Seuss.

Wear you, wear you, in the house
Wear you, wear you, will my spouse.
Through the mall and on a ship,
In a sling or by my hip.
At a party, in the kitchen.
Babywearing sure is bitchin'.

Wear you, wear you, here or there
I will wear you everywhere.

Auntie wears you in a pack,
Daddy wears you on his back.
Mommy wears you where you'll fit,
Standing up, or when I sit.
Snuggled close up to my chest,
Babywearing is the best.

Wear you, wear you, here or there
I will wear you everywhere.

Posted in consideration of National Babywearing Week! Check out other babywearers and babywearing fashions at this post and at Nonny & Boo.


Ali said...

Lol! You need to send this to the people at Motrin!

The Stiletto Mom said...

April, April
You are great
To your site
I'll never again be late.

Ya'll I totally tried to cheat and be first here as April as I were chatting when she posted it but Ali beat me to the punch!!!

Great post, one of my very favorites!

Unknown said...

We could never get the hang of that thing. We just picked the boy up. We were snugli-challenged.

Felicia said...

Look who is bustin' the ryhmes!

Suzie said...

I love it wee!!

AC said...

This is great! Me likey lotsy!

Anonymous said...

I love that you use "bitchin" in a seussesque rhyme. Love it!

Very cute.

About as cute as your little ones!


Anonymous said...

Love it! I wore both my babies, too, but in a suti, which is just a big square of cloth folded in half diagonally and then tied over the shoulder. It`s the traditional way to carry a baby here in Guatemala and very versatile (more so than a snugli!).

I didn`t even have a proper carrier until the second baby was about 4 months old, but I still prefer the suti because I can just swing him around onto my hip or back or shuffle him around to have him lie down to sleep. Nice and easy!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Awesome! I love the rhyme and the pics! You are one hot baby-wearin' mama!

Erin said...


Linda S said...

Very the pics and rhyme!

Davida said...

I loved wearing my baby...and then she got too heavy. I thought my hips here going to fall off. I miss it though.

I've reached my 300 limit for entrecard drops today, but wanted to let you know I dropped by.


April said...

@ ali: haha, i have a feeling they're a little overwhelmed right now.

@ stiletto: maybe next time :-) thanks for the rhyme, i feel so special!

@ heinous: my kids freaking LIVED in it. saved my sanity.

@ felicia: that would be me in the hizzouse. LOL!

@ suzie: glad you like it! :-)

@ ac: thanks!!!

@ kelly: aw, thanks :-)

@ expat: i have a few different carriers, for some reason the snugli got all the camera time?!

@ petra: *shucks*

@ erin: hehehe :-)

@ linda: thank you thank you!

@ atty: wow, you're busy! i only drop every now and again :-/

Baby Bunching said...

That is awesome! I also love the bitchin' part. Priceless and great pix too.

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