Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yesterday & Today

Time has been getting away from me as of late. I sit at the computer for hours on end, but have little to show for it when I finally drag myself to bed. I'm not efficient when tired, so I take too long, go to bed later and get less sleep. Makes perfect sense. Heh.

Anybutt; yesterday we hit the mall (read = Dollar Tree) for sponges and coloring books (mylar balloon was a total *bonus*). Later I took the boys to Erin's for dinner because the sitter couldn't make it and I just wasn't in the mood to play single parent (Hubs has class until very late on Tuesday nights). JJ passed out in the car on the way home, and Casey only watched about five minutes of Blues Clues before slinking off the couch and dragging Bear into his bedroom. It wound up being a pretty easy night. Well, until Face peed through his diaper at 2:00am. But, then, I could think of worse things.

Today I made pizza for lunch and then took the wee ones to the zoo. Casey walked the entire zoo boardwalk, making sure to say 'Bye!' to each of the animals, and then bravely marched himself into the Splash Zone. A play date at the park with Hubs concluded our ever-so tiring day. At home, while the boys watched a little but of Shrek, I made some tasty peanut butter cookies (only three ingredients!).



EDIT: Please read this. (warning, very sad content ahead).


Anonymous said...

What an awesome bag! I love the captions on your pics. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Did I win the PBN blast? I have to go check it out. That would be AWESOME!

Casey said...

Sippy Cup Divas, hilarious.

AC said...

Thanks for sharing April.
My favorite photos and captions were the "Syiiiide!" That is the same language my tot uses when referring to her Diva Sister.

I did a real life LOL when I read the "4T?" caption on the red dress! Still laughing about it!!!

Thanks for clearing up all those cow labels. I just moved to small midwestern town last year and just found out that ponies are NOT baby horses. I obviously need all the help I can get!

The sheep pee diagram caption was a riot. That is a sheep, right?

But the best photo of all, the mom and baby close up. So sweet! Charming. A real keeper. Frame it. Save it. Relish it forever girl!

Life of a Juggernaut

CG said...

Hi! Very cute blog and pics! You were in front of me in SITS Roll Call today so I thought I would say hi!

Lisa said...

Looks like a fabulous few days. I would be whipped too. I spent all day at this dang computer and somedays go to bed with more work than I started with. Grrr...

Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds like a great couple of days!! I love when kiddos go to sleep on their own without a fight!!

Cute photos too!

Anonymous said...

Is Casey going to buy you those jewels for Xmas?!? The zoo pics are great, you inspired me to go there tomorrow.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

As usual, beautiful pics of your handsome guys!

April said...

@ chefdruck: isn't it though? thanks! according to the pbn site you won :-D

@ casey: just for you, dude.

@ ac: how ridiculous is that dress??? not a sheep, some kind of cow-ish creature. and thank you, your comment was awesome :-DDD

@ christie: why, thank you!

@ lisa: life's funny that way.

@ tabitha: me too! thanks!!!

@ casey: hah. i'd rather have the bag ;-) have fun at the zoo!

@ petra: thank ya lady!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely blog with us and i loved the pictures, my favourite picture was the cheese and the thinker one, really nice kids

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