Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trotwood Park

Dear Random Daddy,

I (wrongly) assumed common sense would dictate proper park etiquette. Silly, me. So, in the interest of your child's safety and well being, and on behalf of Grown Ups everywhere, here are a few pointers from my chapter on 'How to Act Like a Responsible Adult'.

1. It is not o.k. to leave your three year old on the toddler playground by herself while you go to your car (over 500 feet away) to retrieve your cigarettes and make a call on your cell phone.

2. It is not o.k. to smoke cigarettes on the toddler playground.

3. It is not o.k. to smoke on the big kids playground.

4. It is not o.k. to purposefully pawn your child off on other park parents.

5. While I appreciate that you are comfortable with public breastfeeding, it is not o.k. to stand directly over me while I nurse my baby.

6. If your child gags on her hair (that you refuse to pull back for her) and subsequently vomits on her pretty purple dress, it is not o.k. that she has to go running to another park parent for help because you're too busy telling her she shouldn't have been on the swings so long.

7. It is not o.k. (so very very not o.k.) to drive away from the park in a car not equipped with a child safety seat and with your precious baby in the front seat.

Disdainfully yours,


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD. How did you hold your tongue?? I would have been DYING to give him a piece of my mind. YOu are a far, far better person than I.
And that last picture? Is gorgeous!

Renz said...

You have great looking kids! your youngest is a smiling kid =_=

Nessa said...

Wonderful pics!

I too don't know how you kept from going off on this guy! People really worry me sometimes. The family I did child care for drove me nuts with the no car seat thing! A 10 month old baby and she'd just set him in the front passenger seat! Parent of the year material for sure!

Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, I am appalled! I so hope you are making this up and didn't actually see any of this happen... I feel so much for that little girl.

On another note, you have a VERY cute blog!! Love the design!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh and sweet pics of you and your kiddos!

Vered said...

Very well said.

Cute photos!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

OK, I'm steaming right now! That is just so wrong on SO many levels!!!!!! I would have had a very hard time holding my tongue!

Photos ... beyond adorable. I can't stand how cute they are!!


Anna Lefler said...

AND...I forgot to say THANK YOU for including me on your list of five for the SITS blogathon! I really appreciate that!

Have a great day...

:^) Anna

Keely said...

Awww, your little guys are so cute! I love the last picture. He's adorable. (Okay, okay, you're adorable too. Sheesh, you're shameless).

Sorry you had to deal with stupid people.

April said...

@ christy: Normally, I'm a little outspoken and would have said something, but he seemed like the kind of guy that wouldn't take my parenting advice to heart. I didn't really want to get into an argument and, aside from Random Daddy, I was REALLY enjoying our outing.

@ renz: Thanks! He sure is - they're like night and day. Both wonderful but so very very different.

@ nessa: It's bizarre; really.

@ tabitha: I wish I were making it up. And, thanks!

@ vered: Thanks and thanks!!!

@ pennies: It WAS hard. And, thank you!

@ anna: You're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

@ keely: I am shameless. Thank you for recognizing.

Aunt Julie said...

Don't you hate those folks who ignore their children on the playground? Love your pixes-going to the park is so much fun!

savvysuzie said...

Man, I just read this post to hubby because we saw something very similar at our park the other day. The guy had a 3 year old an a 1 year old. He put the 1 year old in the stroller...3 year old was on the playground. Dude was standing about 50 feet away from 1 year old smoking his cigarrette and toodling with his camera. 3 year old gets about 100 feet away. dude WALKS AWAY FROM THE STROLLER and goes for the 3 year old. I stood there until he got back because GOD FORBID anything happened. I don't get people.

April said...

@ veggie: yes, yes i do.

@ suzie: i felt the same way. i didn't want to leave before they did - just in case.

Melodie said...

I've said this many times, and I'll say it again - Some people should have to pass a test or get a license to become a parent. What an ass!

Felicia said...

Ok..First of all, props to you for going to the park by yourself with two small children! But..Oh My WHAT!!! That is crazy! Did you call the social services and take a tag number? Was it all the same creepy man?

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. What an interesting day at the park. It can be such an interesting place, can't it?

April said...

@ melodie: haha :-)

@ felicia: no, i wasn't thinking as hard as all that... he wasn't creepy, just annoying and dumb.

@ alisha: sure can.

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