Monday, October 13, 2008

The Mall, Diapers and Ghosting!

I know, I know. I've been totally lazy about posting even semi-literate blurbs. And, well, that's not going to change tonight. Sorry, folks. But, as always, lots of pictures!

Sippy Cup Like a Big Boy!

Nom Nom Nom.... Mall Food.

Poor JJ doesn't get any tasty mall food yet.

But he is in a cool pic with Mom!

Gotta hit the (non) pay toys!

I freaking LOVE Sears. Seriously, a DIAPER DISPENSER?!?!

My view.

Oncoming (foot) traffic's view.

We were 'ghosted', so we 'ghosted' two neighbors back -
with (nom nom nom) TASTY treats & plastic bugs.
We totally got busted 'ghosting' though.

We learned the following:
1. Don't ghost in broad daylight,
2. Don't ghost a house with a puppy, &
3. Don't ghost with a fussy toddler and pukey baby.


Anonymous said...

I wanna get ghosted... no clue what it is but it sounds fun! Cute pics from the mall. Sears does rock, I've never seen a diaper dispenser before.

Angie Mozilo said...

Cute pics of the kids. We haven't been ghosted in a kids are older so we are outside the loop of moms that "ghost" at this time of year.

diane woods said...

love the "mama's view" picture. very creative :)

Dee said...

We have diaper (or nappy as we call them) dispensers over here, pretty much in all the large shopping centres.

Great pics.

LODS said...

i am so in-love with your youngest son.his eyes jsut beckons me like saying"im the cutest" old is he?your older son is handsome too. i have a 5 yr old and almost a year old.both girls.

Ronnica said...

I like the picture of JJ. He looks like he's patiently waiting for the day that he gets to partake in the yumminess of mall food.

Erin said...

You and your love affair with Sears.......

April said...

@ casey: it's great! you put treats on two neighbors doorsteps after dark - then each have to do the same to two other neighbors, and on and on. you tape a picture of a ghost to your door so there aren't any repeats. you should start it in your neighborhood!

@ AZ: this is the first time for us. super exciting!

@ diane: thanks!

@ dee: man, wish we did. i forget the essentials a LOT.

@ life: aw, thanks. he's almost 7 months and the big 'un is almost 23 months.

@ ronnica: haha, yeh, he looked a little forlorn to me!

@ erin: *sigh* there's just SO much to love.

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