Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Call Me Switzerland.

I am disappointed in the increasing number of mommy-blogs I see going political. I'm not going to step onto my soapbox (for long), but I will say this, if your blog is a "mommy-blog" (as opposed to a political or current issues blog), then most of us are not tuning in to hear your views on the candidates.

Please keep in mind that the polls are split pretty close to 50/50, so each time you write a politically charged post, you're alienating half your readership.

In celebration of those writers who have kept their blogs neutral, I have for you a Non-Partisan Blog button. Please feel free to take it for display on your blog. I don't require that you link it back to me (or this post) but would feel honored if you did so.


Unknown said...

I agree completely, since I definitely sway one way, but I don't want anyone to know it by reading me blog....I have to laugh though at you semi-erotica button. It could be comletely taken the wrong way at first

Erin said...

Where are you finding the fun blog backgrounds?

April said...

@Christine - too funny, I totally didn't think about it that way, but you're right!

Keely said...

Hahhaha, I'm Canadian so it doesn't matter to me but I AM sick of reading political posts on blogs I normally enjoy. LOVE that button!

April said...

@ keely: thanks! :-D

cincin said...

Most of us probably have more than one blog, don't we? I use my different blogs in different ways BUT having said that, although I have never talked politics I have "worked in" the phrase "Obama Mama" in reference to myself. :-)

April said...

@ Cincin: i do have a couple of blogs, but have chosen not to make any of them political. i just get too emotional about it so it would prefer leave it to others :-)

Tara Bennett said...

Oh my I'm so glad I stopped by to snag your neutral button. I couldn't agree more with your position in this area. Many bloggers need to work on their blog manners!

Ash said...

Oh yeah baby, I am so snagging that button!! Consider your genius linked.

Blessed are the peacemakers (or the cheesemakers, depending on your sense of humor).


April said...

@ tmi: glad you like it!

@ eudae-mamia: genius?! *blush* & cheesemakers? heheheh, you're my kinda gal!

Dee said...

Hi there found you through SITS

Its funny, we Aussies dont usually get so emotional about politics. I notice some US blogs going political, as you said, and its quite bizzare really.
Its compulsory to vote here too, so maybe thats why its not so heated, we don't have to convince anyone to actually get a concience and go vote. I guess Aussies are just too laid back and its sort of unwritten law that you don't mix politics with pleasure over here.
Love the button idea though!

Michelle said...

This is so funny! I would use it, but at this point I am so sick of this race that I don't need any daily reminders. :) But it's still totally funny!

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