Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Took Them to the Zoo... BY MY SELF!!!

Yes, I'm proud. The zoo is, in my opinion, kind of a Big Event. Generally, hubs or a grandparent gets dragged along to Big Events so I don't have a melt down and end up playing petting zoo with the gators. But after our last trip to the zoo went so smoothly, I figured I could pretty well handle this Big Event on my own. Mostly because it's the middle of the week and pretty empty. So, basically, it's not a Big Event; more like Something To Do.

Regardless, we went. Casey was thrilled to be there as he loves him some animals. He ran around like a mad-man yelling and pointing at the different zoo inhabitants (some of which were actually inanimate objects). He especially loved the Macaws and the snakes (ick). His favorite, though, by far was the cow. We caught the cow eating a snack and Casey thought it was gut wrenchingly funny.

There were only two small incidents in the whole trip - Casey tripped and skinned his knee (actually, a pretty regular occurrence), and JJ had a poo diaper. The latter wouldn't normally qualify as an incident, except I kind of forgot the baby wipes (oops). But, I flagged down a nice lady pushing a screaming baby who kindly let me steal a couple from her well stocked diaper bag. Crisis averted and we're off to the splash zone. But, but, but.... the splash zone was closed. Casey was super bummed about this and begrudgingly played on the pay toys (again, without paying), instead. I felt bad since I'd been hyping the splash zone all afternoon, and I would have let him put some coin in the cool automated fire rescue truck but, alas, I had no change. Or cash at all, even.

p.s. Tomorrow's Hubs' bday. The big three-oh. We have a sitter. Guess what he wants to do??? Um, yeh. Go to Sonny's barbeque. Hehehe. Whatever, it's his birthday.

Casey's a trailblazer.

A--hole taunting the animals.

My little monkey.

My other little monkey.

The J-man and me.

Settling for the dump truck.


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on the solo trip to the zoo. I'm still too scared to brave something like that.

Happy birthday to your husband! I would totally enjoy some Sonny's BBQ right now. Their garlic toast is the best thing I've ever tasted.

jennifersusan said...

I found my way here through SITS and wanted to say "hi". It looks like ya'll had a great time at the zoo!

April said...

@ casey: You can do it!!!

@jennifer: We did! Thanks for stopping by :-D

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