Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning!

This morning Wesley brought Jonathan in at 530AM to eat and then was SO nice and let me go back to sleep. I finally crawled out of bed at 930AM only to find a house full of sleeping boys!

Erin called and asked if we wanted to meet up with them in Winter Park for brunch, so when everyone got up I took Casey with me (Wes was watching the first Jags game of the season & JJ was still running a fever) and we met Nick, Erin, Merrick, Kevin, Christie, Matt & Mimi for some over-priced burgers.

We were the last to arrive & Casey is very hesitant in new or unfamiliar situations, so he sat on my lap tightly clinging my arm with his eyes (mostly) closed for about two minutes. He would open his eyes for a brief moment to check things out, and then squeeze them shut again. I grabbed some crayons and a kids menu and began coloring - as soon as he saw this he forgot he was supposed to be shy and began coloring with zeal. Before you could say 'boo' he was in his own seat yelling orders at Mimi from across the table.

The kids were great at lunch and then afterward we headed over to a frozen yogurt shop where they were giving free servings for their grand opening. The yogurt was DISGUSTING, but there was a clown making balloon animals and painting hands and faces, so the kids enjoyed themselves.

After the yogurt shop the DiCarolis family and the Fuller family headed home for afternoon naps and Casey and I wandered around Winter Park for a while. Casey had fun checking out all the fountains (especially the green one full of tadpoles) and then chasing squirrels in the park!

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