Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We've been at home the past few days so as not to spread our plague amongst the masses. Nothing much to say, as we've been keeping it to a dull roar, but here's some shots of our life:

JJ & Mommy

Casey & his green ball. We love this green ball,
it inspired crawling almost a year ago!

This is why mommies should always accessorize.

Casey building with blocks. (see video)

Casey climbing the stairs/ladder at the park. As promised!

Two teeth! Maybe I do want to quit nursing after all...

Casey just wanted to cuddle in the duck tub after bath yesterday.
Eventually I did have to take him out, as he was not diapered.

Last night Casey tried desperately to fall asleep
on his floor because I so cruelly refused to put him in bed
(it was only 6:20!!!). Mean old mommy kept him up (sort of)
until 7:00. It's no wonder he gets up at 5:00AM.

The baby who hates binkies decided that's what would
finally calm him from his random rage yesterday. It
worked again today, so I figured I'd memorialize it.

What have you been up to this week? Shout out in the peanut gallery and let me know!


Karen said...

yeah, so I am totally obsessed with your family. shoot, I even read your sister's stuff! it is a PROBLEM. I am all like, "so, what is April doing..."
see ya on saturday, do you need anything?

April said...

haha, i love that! i'm glad someone's reading :-) don't worry about bringing anything. well, unless you want to shower me with cash. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

We're still in quarantine too, hopefully next week we'll be able to rejoin the world. Hope you guys are feeling better, it's terrible having the plague.

April said...

Aw, thanks! As of today, we're out of quarantine. Thank goodness bc I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow!!! It was awful and I'm so so so glad it's passed *for now*.

Sending healthy dust your way :-D

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