Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Not a whole lot to say - things have been rather uneventful at our house of late.


Thursday was a quiet day, Wes had school and then was kind enough to watch the boys in the evening so Jessi and I could grab some food and drinks at Houlihan's. In the morning Jonathan really didn't want to go down for a nap, even though he was SUPER tired. I've included a picture of him playing in the walker where he's so tired that he's resting his head while he plays!

During the day, Casey decided to make it his mission to empty all the toy bins. At one point I heard a very loud 'thump' followed by complete silence from Casey's room. I snuck in quietly to investigate, and found him reading books in his emptied toy basket. Apparently he had a little bit of a difficult time getting in and made a hard landing. He stayed in there for almost twenty minutes.

At Houlihan's, Jessi made me laugh so hard with a story about Dr. Mario and salted prunes that I simultaneously shot water out of my nose and aspirated it at the same time. Seriously painful and my sinuses are STILL a little raw.


On Friday, Wes took most of the day off. Jonathan was running a low fever (and still is!), but he was in pretty good spirits despite not feeling great.

In the morning, after nap time, I dressed all the boys (Wesley included) in their Jaguars jerseys and took a bunch of pictures. Then the boys played in Casey's room for a while while Wes got some work done. Afterward, we went to the Florida Mall; it was FULL of European tourists! We had fun listening to all the accents and looking at some very peculiar dressing habits.

The Florida Mall has a play area just like the one at Seminole Towne Center, so we made a pit stop to let Casey play. He was hesitant, but ended up having a nice time. It was especially cute though, because he kept trying to pull JJ out of the stroller to play with him!

Following our mall trip, we stopped at the Tijuana Flats on Orange Avenue near downtown. It was a good time to stop since everyone was getting hungry and cranky and we had started to hit rush hour traffic. I tried the pulled pork for the first time and it was FABULOUS.


Today (Saturday), Wesley did yard work all morning and then in the late afternoon we did our outings. First we went over to the mall (yes, we're mall junkies, I KNOW). I got a toy for Jonathan that I can turn on with a remote control so when he gets fussy in the car or stroller I can hit a button and make it light up and play music (I am hyped about this purchase!). Also, we stopped in at Chick-Fil-A because I had a coupon for free chicken strips. We took the chicken strips with is to Tijuana Flats so we didn't have to get Casey a whole kids meal there. Yes, we're also Tijuana Flats junkies! It was nice out this evening, so we sat outside and enjoyed a relatively quiet and leisurely dinner.

Now we're at home and Wes is watching football with the boys while I play on the internet and spread our exciting family news ;-)

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Erin said...

FYI- Js nipples are already bigger than Faces.

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