Saturday, September 20, 2008


So today was the big event! I hosted my first baby shower and it was a.....SUCCESS!

We ate home-made baked ziti with garlic bread, salad & wine, followed by cupcakes, brownies & coffee. We played "Who's your Mama?" and Chicktionary*.

Stephanie was the big winner, placing first (along with Shannon) in WYM and second in Chicktionary. Yay Steph!!! Karen won first place in Chicktionary with Sherri in third and Elizabeth in fourth. The prizes were a big hit (who doesn't love a cute bag with alcohol, candy and spa stuff?!) and baby Allie was a superstar!

Just holding that insanely sweet (in both temperment and aroma) angel of a baby girl must have kick-started my ovaries (go babies!).

On a side note, I was super excited to learn that Ms. Montas-Coleman is not the only one stalking me via blog (*hi ladies!*) - apparently I have a pretty good fan base in the central Florida legal community (heh). Also, the girls haven't limited their love to me, they're also addicted to Sally & Danielle!

*I wrote twenty baby-esque words on index cards and we each took turns picking a card and drawing the word on a giant dry-erase board. The person with the most correct guesses wins!

**Sorry the text/pictures look screwy and weird... apparently I need a little more practice incorporating lots of pics :-/


Anonymous said...

LOL,Chicktionary! I've never heard of that. Glad you had a fun shower, the pics with the kids knocking each other over on the couch are hilarious. I've never mastered the "two kids sit still for the camera", glad I'm not alone! :)

April said...

Haha, I totally made up the name Chicktionary for the sake of blogging ;-) I can't even do one kid in front of the camera well, forget about two!

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