Friday, September 19, 2008

Mental Break.

So, I had a brief leave of absence from sanity yesterday. Not sure what from? Lack of sleep, house full of plague, getting ready for a baby shower, raging hormones? Regardless, in a moment of weakness I called my Dad in the middle of the day and implored him to come up and help me. Responding as any perfect father would, he arrived in a matter of hours. *phew*

*my hero*

Needless to say, today was so much brighter!!! The plague has miraculously cleared from our home (yay!), Wes was able to get the yard looking fabulous and Dad helped watch the kids while I prepped for the shower! WOOT. Things are looking up!

There's still a lot of work to do in the morning - make lunch for everyone, clean the floors, scrub the potties (ew.), etc., etc. But it's all looking do-able now. I've just finished getting together the uber-cool party games, which I would post, except Ms. Montas-Coleman, who is attending the shindig, stalks me via the blog - so I don't want to give anything away! I will be sure to post tomorrow though.

My GINORMOUS over stuffed super sweet cupcakes. Mmmmmm...

The best party prizes EVER.

Casey rollin' in the pink Barbie Cadillac at Toys-R-Us.


Karen said...

Yeah, and even though I SO totally did not stalk you yesterday and you didn't post any of th games, I TOTALLY rocked 'em!

April said...

yeh, you did rock Chicktionary ;-)

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