Monday, September 8, 2008

Mama's Boys

It's a sure good thing babies are cute! Jonathan got up at 4am this morning because he rolled onto his stomach and got stuck in the corner of his crib. I nursed him back to sleep in about ten minutes and made a swift return to the comfort of my own bed. Lo and Behold, fifteen minutes later he did it again!!! This time when I pulled Jonathan out of the corner, he looked at me and laughed. I knew then, it was going to be a looooong morning.

He laid quietly on the couch with me, while I watched the very early news, for about 45 minutes, then he started trying to get my attention to play. I wasn't going to let him think he could get up and play that early in the morning, so I put him back in the crib with the mobile going. He wedged himself up against the controls and had a good ol' time turning the mobile on and off. At about 530am Jonathan started fussing again, so I nursed him for a few minutes and he passed out cold.

I scurried back to bed as quickly as my exhausted legs could get me there and slept peacefully for a full thirty minutes. At 630am Casey began calling for 'MOOOOOOM' & 'DAAA-EEEEEE'. Thankfully, Wes got up with him and let me sleep a while longer.

After I got up, Wes went to work in his office and I played with the little guys. Casey is getting his canines (all four!) and a couple molars all at the same time, so he was fussy and rubbing his gums all day. They were bothering him so much that the poor thing barely ate.

Jonathan was in better spirits than he has been for the past few days, but he was obviously still a little under the weather. Jonathan has started a pretty ridiculous sounding fake cough - it sounds like a cross between a laugh a yell and a cough. I tried to get it on video, but wasn't very successful. Casey's fake cough at this age was much more believable! Jonathan started sprouting his roseola spots a little after lunch time.

In the afternoon, we took a family walk and Casey held Izzie's leash for the entire half mile journey! He did get a little upset with her when she would drag him along (see the video & close up picture). Jonathan had a great time using the stroller tray as his teether. Oh, and I let Casey wear his cool new shoes!

Following our walk, Casey played on the patio for a while and he figured out how to climb the slide tower all by himself! He was very proud and waited at the top of the slide for his accolades after each climb. (see the video!)

In the evening, I went grocery shopping and Wesley took the boys to the park. He got a great shot of JJ on the swingset. Also, he said Casey's figured out how to climb the steps to the big kid slide! Tomorrow we will try to get to the park and take a video of this.


Casey said...

your blog is always the best part of my day

The Kendrick Family Blog said...

April- this is Cathy from WTE. Your blog soooo outdoes mine. I dont know how to make mine this fancy yet. lol
I'll get there- maybe.

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