Friday, September 26, 2008

In what shape would you like YOUR bed?

Mom and Dad are in town this weekend to visit and sort things out with their new house. We (Mom, Dad, Casey, Jonathan and I) went furniture shopping this morning, which was unsuccessful as Mom has not figured out in what style she wants to do the new house. I vote for more hanging toucan rugs and seashell couches. Hehehe, sorry Mom.

This evening we ordered Chinese food. Jessica and Damon came over and we all ate on the floor at the new house. It was a little bit of a cluster, but things ended well. After dinner, Wes and I put the boys to bed and then I accompanied Mom and Dad to Target. We had an interesting conversation on the way to the store.

Mom: I'm o.k. with putting beds in the bedrooms, but I don't understand why they have to be in the shape of beds?

Dad: I want mine in the shape of a bathtub.

Sorry Mom, couldn't help myself. xoxo.

Little Prince, Big.

Little Prince, Small.

Very cool bed. In the shape of a chair.

At least she found a super cute knick-knack for the alcove.


Anonymous said...

The Burger King crown!!! I had completely forgotten about those! So cute, those princes of yours. And I'll totally take a few of those alcove knick knacks. I don't actually have an alcove but maybe I'll put mine on the mantel.

Rhea said...

Cute kiddo pictures! Funny about your mom's comment. I've seen some awesome round beds before...

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