Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fussy Face Case.

He started crying around 6:30 this morning when I came into the kitchen. He cried on and off (mostly on) until he went down for nap at 9, and he woke up crying.

Today was rough.

Shrek, a peanut butter sandwich with apple/grape juice and a (non-working) remote control gave us a short reprieve. As did four (yes, FOUR) walks around the neighborhood. By the evening he was (finally) back to his normal (not as fussy) self, thank goodness.

I have no idea what got into him today, but I hope it's gone for a while (forever).


Unknown said...

Hope tomorrow is better for you. Yours sounds like my youngest. She is teething and nothing makes her happy right now.

April said...

Thanks, me too!!! He's getting molars, so I'm sure that's not helping :-/

Anonymous said...

Ack, molars are terrible. We've renamed Graham "bipolar molar boy". I swear anything sets him off when he's teething. Hope the molars are feeling better.

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