Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another day, another blog post (or six...)

We spent most of the day with my parents (who just bought the house down the street - yay!). They slept over at the new place last night and, this morning, Dad popped over around 8ish and Mom wandered in about 10. The grandparent pictures were all taken on my mom's camera, so I'll have to update you with those later.

We lazed at the house until lunch time when we all met Damon and Jessi at Miss Saigon for some fabulous Vietnamese cuisine. Afterward, Mom and Dad went home to south Florida, Jessi and Damon (the crunchy granola folk they are) rode their bikes home, and our little family hit the park.

JDog & Moms

CaseFace on the big kid playground

Face on the little kid playground
(ecstatic about making it to the top!)

Finally, a good shot of the teeth!

He owns that place.


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