Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visiting with the Inlaws

Wesley's Mom and Dad are in town for the weekend, so this afternoon, when Casey got up from his nap, the lot of us hit Tijuana Flats for some Mexican goodness. Afterward we lazed around the house for a while - Casey convinced Grandpa Mike that he knew how to work a computer - and he talked Grandma Denise into a marathon park visit. I also snuck off to Target to buy a cute black dress for me and a ducky tub for JJ.

Later, Wes and I went to Bobby's surprise 30th birthday party. Meaghan rented a tent and set it up with a D.J. in Bobby's sister's backyard out in Windemere. She invited his ginormous family and his good friends. It was great fun, but I was a tad over-dressed! We were able to catch up with Jeff and his wife and I got to meet Wes' friend Champ, who Wes grew up with in Gainesville, and his wife Melody. There was a kid's pinata in the early evening filled with candy and then an adult pinata late at night filled with booze and lotto tickets!

Hopefully we will be able to coordinate with everyone to get together again soon - it's much too easy to lose touch :-(

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